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Aggregate offshore

Student open data - Transnational education 2022/23

Open data from the HESA Aggregate Offshore record (AOR). Tables show students who study for awards or courses of UK universities, but study wholly overseas without coming to the UK.

Collecting TNE data – summary questions

Aggregate versus combined TNE and Student record

Question 36: What is your preferred method of collecting TNE data? 


No. of respondents

Continue with the Aggregate Offshore record


Combine with the Student record

Changes and additions to specific areas of the AOR data model

New data items required

Registration and awarding body

Question 13: Would you expect these arrangements to be consistent for all students on a given course?


No. of respondents




What are the different types of TNE in the sector?

Question 8: Do these scenarios accurately reflect TNE provision in your experience? For those completing a response on behalf of a provider, are the combinations of programme type and venue type ones that you recognise at your own provider?  


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Question 3: What is your organisation?


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English provider


Scottish provider


Welsh provider

Comments on the collection method of the data

Comments in support of the proposals noted the greater usability of the resultant data, highlighting the benefits that subject-level data and improved definitions for types of TNE provision would bring. It was also noted that this would need to be consistent with data on non-TNE students in order to be of value.

A number of concerns were raised by respondents:

Maintaining a UK-wide approach to the collection of TNE data

62% of respondents agreed with the statement that it is important to keep a UK-wide approach, against 31% who neither agreed nor disagreed, and one respondent who disagreed.

Those respondents who agreed with the statement made a number of points in support of maintaining a UK-wide approach:

Timing of the return

69% of respondents indicated that their provider would be able to submit data on TNE provision once year, compared to 23% who indicated that they would be able to submit the data twice a year to match the Student submission timescales.

Aggregate versus combined TNE and Student record

Respondents showed a clear preference for continuing to collect TNE data through the Aggregate Offshore record, with 77% selecting this option versus 15% who wished to combine the TNE data with the Student record.

54% of respondents scored the set-up burden of continuing to submit TNE data through the AOR in the “4-7” category and 54% of respondents scored the run burden in the “4-7” category as well.

Existing data items required

Course data

46% of respondents scored the set-up burden of submitting data on courses in the “4-7” category and 46% of respondents scored the run burden in the “1-3” category.