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ITT C21053: Supplementary Notification of changes

The following information outlines the changes to the ITT record that will be implemented for 2021/22. The full technical specification will be published in April 2021.

There is also a section which details, in advance, a schema change which will be implemented in ITT C22053. 

Removal of Valid Entries

BURSLEV - Bursary level award

7           Tier 1

8           Tier 2

9           Tier 3

This is a reflection of the 2021/22 funding manual that has been published by the DfE.

INITIATIVES - Initiatives

L           Primary General (with Maths)

From the 2020/21 year onwards, Primary General (with Maths) is no longer an active initiative. The DfE have advised that providers who have continuing students that were previously on this scheme, to remove these for C21053. This is to improve the accuracy of the data by reducing the possibility of miss-categorisation with a similar, existing scheme ‘Primary mathematics specialist’.

Addition of Valid Entries

BURSLEV - Bursary level award

D           Postgraduate bursary

This code will be added to BURSLEV for C21053. This bursary scheme is explained in detail by the DfE on the following page -

We will be working closely with the DfE to ensure that our guidance and validation is a reflection of the information that is published on this page.

SBJCA - Subject of ITT course

100337 Philosophy

101192 Arabic

101165 Chinese

100406 Statistics

101117 Ancient Hebrew

100456 Child development

These new subject codes only apply to Secondary ITT Programmes and ITT Programmes Covering the 7-14 and 9-14 Age Range.

Changes to Guidance

INITIATIVES - Initiatives

Transition to Teach and Now Teach

In response to a high number of switch requests received for C20053, Valid entries 13 Transition to Teach and 14 Now Teach can be returned for Students on a qualification aim of Masters, not by research as well as those on a Provider-led entry route. The full coverage statements for these two Initiatives will be as follows:

Valid entries 13 'Transition to Teach' and 14 'Now Teach' can be returned when Student.QLAIM = 020, 021, 031 or 032 and Student.ENTRYRTE = 01, 02 or 03.

FUNDCODE - Fundability code

Update the references to EU status. This will now be ‘settled or pre-settles status under the EU Settlement Scheme’. This is referenced in two places in the FUNDCODE guidance.

Schema change for C22053

We had reports from providers that the XSD as it is currently published is not in alphabetical order. It is important to ensure that our schema is produced consistently however this must also be balanced with the impact a change such as this will have to software systems. We will therefore implement this change in C22053 (22/23).

The change will only impact the position of two fields - Placement.PLMNTSCH and Placement.PLMNTDYS. Their position will be swapped in the C22053 ITT return.