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Graduate Outcomes 2020/21 (C20071): Notification of Changes

The following information outlines the change(s) to the Graduate Outcomes Contact Details record that will be implemented for 2020/21. 

EMAIL, UKMOB, UKTEL, INTTEL – change to maximum occurrences 

The maximum occurrences for these fields will be reduced from 10 to 3. This will be a change in the schema of the file therefore providers will not be able to submit more than 3 of each type of contact detail for a graduate. 

This change is a result of analysis conducted by HESA on the number of contact details submitted for a graduate, and the contact detail that achieved the survey response. For example, 99% of all online completes were achieved with one of the first 3 email addresses submitted for a graduate and more than 99% graduates had only up to 2 phone numbers of each type. Providers should submit the best contact details they hold for a graduate; where the contact details have been provided by and verified by that graduate. 

Please note that although this is a change in schema for C20071, guidance is in place for C19071 to encourage providers to submit a maximum of 3 of each type of contact detail.