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Staff 2024/2025 (C24025): Notification of Changes

Published 2023-09-06

Updated 2023-09-12

Updated 2023-12-20 to update REF2028 references to REF2029, as the next implementation year for REF has changed. 

This page summarises the changes to the Staff record that will be implemented for 2024/25 (C24025).

New field in the Person entity, called REF Unit of Assessment (short name: REFUOA2029). Valid entries will be:


Code Label
01 Clinical Medicine
02 Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care
03 Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy 
04 Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
05 Biological Sciences
06 Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science
07 Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
08 Chemistry
09 Physics
10 Mathematical Sciences
11 Computer Science and Informatics
12 Engineering
13 Architecture, Built Environment and Planning
14 Geography and Environmental Studies
15 Archaeology
16 Economics and Econometrics
17 Business and Management Studies
18 Law
19 Politics and International Studies
20 Social Work and Social Policy
21 Sociology
22 Anthropology and Development Studies
23 Education
24 Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism
25 Area Studies
26 Modern Languages and Linguistics
27 English Language and Literature
28 History
29 Classics
30 Philosophy
31 Theology and Religious Studies
32 Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory
33 Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies
34 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management
  • Field is applicable to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Field is compulsory for all staff in HEPs intending to participate in REF2029, who have at least one contract of employment which meets the definition of Category A eligibility: (Contract.TERMS = 1 or 2) and ((Contract.ACEMPFUN = 2 and Contract.RESAST is not 1) or (Contract.ACEMPFUN = 3)). This field should be completed for staff when Person.SIGRES is coded 1 and 2.


The SIGRES (Significant responsibility) field is moving from the Contract entity to the Person entity. The field should now be collected in respect to those staff that have at least one active contract during the reporting year with significant responsibility for research.

The coverage for the field will be amended to be compulsory for all staff in HEPs who have at least one active contract of employment in the reporting year and where (Contract.TERMS = 1 or 2) and ((Contract.ACEMPFUN = 2 and Contract.RESAST is not 1) or (Contract.ACEMPFUN = 3)).