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22056: notification of final extension to deadlines

We emailed the following update to our operational contacts and senior contacts in all nations and accountable officers in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland on Friday 13 October 2023:

We are writing to inform you that following discussion with the Data Futures Programme Board, and our recommendation, the Statutory Customers have agreed a final extension to the sign-off deadline for the Student 22056 record across all nations. We have therefore extended the final submission deadline to allow more time for provider submissions to process the automatic raising of quality rule issues, and accommodate our manual credibility checking process. 

Revised data collection schedule

Activity Previous deadline Revised deadline
Deadline for providers to trigger manual credibility checking ahead of collection close (or Jisc will raise queries) n/a 23 October 2023
Final submission deadline 27 October 2023 3 November 2023
Sign-off deadline 3 November 2023 22 November 2023

We will reflect these agreed changes in the next Student 22056 coding manual release. 

In England, providing data forms part of your provider’s conditions of registration with the Office for Students, specifically condition F4 of registration on the OfS register.

In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland providing data is a mandatory requirement for publicly funded higher education providers.

Graduate Outcomes and NSS

The OfS have already communicated to English providers an extension to sign-off deadlines for two related Graduate Outcomes and National Student Survey collections. These extensions only apply to providers that are required to submit the 2022/23 Student return. We have agreed with statutory customers that the extended deadlines will apply across all nations.

Submission sign-off   Previous deadline Revised deadline 
Graduate Outcomes Survey (2022-23): Cohort A – for providers that have completed the Student (Data Futures) record 10 November 2023 24 November 2023
National Student Survey (NSS) – for providers that have completed the Student (Data Futures) record 24 November 2023 1 December 2023

We appreciate your work and the exceptional requirements in this first year of the new combined Student collection. Our Liaison team is available as always, to offer support as required. Please contact [email protected] and/or your funding or regulatory body if you have any queries or concerns with meeting the updated, final deadlines.


Press Officer