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Staff major review: evidence gathering survey now live

We are launching the first consultation in the Staff major review. We are focussing on gathering evidence from the sector about what changes we could make in the Staff record.

We will review the responses in conjunction with requirements from our statutory customers. We will then produce a proposed data specification for consideration in a second consultation. 

At this stage, statutory customers have not yet specified their requirements for the Staff record, and we will not be making detailed proposals for changes to the Staff record at this time. Instead, we are seeking views from the sector concerning their aspirations for and uses of data on HE staff. 

We welcome responses from all stakeholders with an interest in the collection, use, and dissemination of information about staff in UK higher education. We particularly welcome responses from operational contacts who submit data to the current Staff record. 

The closing date is Friday 13 October 2023.

Staff major review: evidence gathering survey


Press Officer