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Data intelligence


  • Academic studies in education - part-time postgraduate numbers

    University College Plymouth St Mark and St John, part-time, postgraduate taught students studying X3 Academic studies in education has reduced from 1,528 in 2010/11 to 317 in 2011/12. This was due to a genuine reduction in the number of students on INSET programmes in 2011/12.

    Student Level of study Subject of study Mode of study
  • All provider-level data (2011/12)

    The University of Glamorgan merged with the University of Wales, Newport on the 11th April 2013 to become the University of South Wales. However the data for the 2011/12 academic session relates to the two former universities. The University of South Wales therefore request that when published it refers to the former providers and not merged into a single entity under the USW name.

    Student Staff
  • Architecture - first degree and other undergraduate (2011/12)

    Due to a coding error, 192 students (183.5 FTE) were incorrectly recorded with a course aim that maps to ‘other undergraduate’ rather than ‘first degree undergraduates’ in Architecture (K1) by the University of Dundee in the 2011/12 Student return. This will affect overall totals for the institution as well as subject analysis that includes Architecture.

    Student Level of study Mode of study
  • Arts and Journalism subject coding (2011/12)

    The University for the Creative Arts has made some data improvements in their subject coding. This has resulted in re-allocation of courses to subject codes specifically showing an increase in student numbers for the university in codes P5, W2, W6, W7 and a decrease in W9.

    Student Subject of study
  • Business & administrative studies (2012/13)

    The University of Derby has had a 37% reduction in their part-time other undergraduate Business & Administrative students, reflecting the ending of CFEE arrangements and an increase in accredited provision which is excluded from the student return.

    Student Level of study Mode of study Subject of study
  • Class of first degree - Cambridge tripos (2003/04-)

    The University of Cambridge does not classify its bachelor of arts degree, but awards classes in the Tripos (honours) examination usually taken at the end of each academic year. The class of degree recorded in the HESA record in and after 2003/04 is the result obtained in the student's final year.

    Student Qualifications obtained Class of degree
  • Classification of first degree (2013/14)

    In 2013/14, Bournemouth University changed its assessment regulations so that resits/resubmits are now capped at element level (i.e. coursework, exam, practical) rather than at the whole unit level. This revised approach has contributed to the increased percentage share of those student obtaining a first degree with first class or upper second class honours. The percentage of students achieving a first class honours has risen from 12.0% (2013/13) to 16.3% (2013/14), and the percentage of students achieving an upper second class honours has risen from 52.6% (2013/13) to 59.2% (2013/14).

    In 2013/14, Southampton Solent University incorrectly awarded 40 continuing Law students with a first degree qualification and classification.

    N.B. The figures for Southampton Solent University have been updated and are now correct in the 2013/14 v1502 student record.

    Student Qualifications obtained Class of degree
  • Collaborative/franchised students (2013/14)

    In 2013/14, University of Ulster reallocated 3,610 students (2,897 FTE) to collaborative/franchised provision, as these students were taught on the campuses of their partner provider and by staff of the partner provider. In previous years these students were coded as being taught wholly at University of Ulster.

    Student Staff student ratio
  • Country of domicile (2017/18)

    In 2017/18, University of Bedfordshire misreported 265 students domiciled from India as being domiciled from Nicaragua. University of Bedfordshire had no students domiciled from Nicaragua in 2017/18.

  • Creative arts & design (2012/13)

    Buckinghamshire New University had a fall in their Creative Arts & Design numbers (approx. 400 first degree instances) in 2012/13. This was mainly due to the transfer of their degree level provision, run collaboratively with the Open College of The Arts, to the University of the Creative Arts.

    Student Subject of study
  • Degree classifications (2009/10)

    The University of Portsmouth misreported 360 classifications as third class/pass. Therefore the number of third class/pass awards are artificially inflated. The correct figures are as follows: First Class = 350, Upper Second = 1,855, Lower second = 1,630, Third class/pass = 495 and unclassified = 65.

    Student Class of degree
  • Degree level (2007/08)

    The University of Strathclyde's Integrative Masters Pharmacy degrees have been categorised at postgraduate level. Previously, and in future, they will be categorised as undergraduate degrees. 

    Further clarification is available from the University's Planning Office.

    Student Staff student ratio Level of study
  • Designation status (2015/16)

    Nova College of Accounting and Business Ltd lost designation during the academic year 2015/16. At the end of the reporting period, all of their students were enrolled on non-designated courses.

  • Designation status (2016/17)

    London School of Business and Finance (UK) Limited had no students included in the standard registration population in 2016/17.

  • Domicile (2014/15)

    Grafton College mis-reported their domicile data. It is suppressed due to these known errors.

    Student Domicile
  • Economics & econometrics students (2012/13, 2013/14)

    In 2013/14, the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne has seen an increase of 738 FTE to cost centre Economics & econometrics, from 16 in 2012/13 to 754 in 2013/14.  This was due to the majority of FTE for this cost centre being returned under Business & management studies in 2012/13 in error, which has now been corrected for 2013/14.

    Student Full-time equivalent (FTE) Subject of study
  • Education subject area (2013/14)

    In 2013/14, Cardiff University had a significant increase in students studying within the Education subject area, from 980 in 2012/13 to 1,450 in 2013/14.  This was due to the start of a new Master's programme in Educational Practice.

    Student Subject of study
  • Entry qualifications (2017/18)

    Cardiff Metropolitan University incorrectly omitted some entry qualifications for first year first degree students in 2017/18. These were new qualifications. Of those omitted, 94% were Reformed A Levels. Also excluded were a collection of Level 3 Diplomas and Certificates. This has resulted in errors to tariff scores for these students.

  • First degree qualifier numbers (2016/17)

    In 2016/17, Kingston University incorrectly reported 35 first degree qualifiers. These were already reported in 2015/16.

    Student Qualifications obtained
  • First year full-time student numbers (2018/19)

    University of Suffolk completed the first full academic year running courses with St. Pirans School (LSC) in the 2018/19 data. This has increased the first year full-time student numbers.

    Student First year marker