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Data intelligence


  • Building condition assessment condition C (2012/13)

    King's College London has reported that there were a number of properties that have been assessed as being condition B in 2011/12 that have now been reassessed as being condition C in 2012/13. 

    This is reflected in their 2012/13 Estates Management record data.

    Estates management Buildings
  • Capital expenditure buildings (2018/19)

    In 2018/19, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Non-residential capital expenditure buildings should be £1,471,000 and the Residences capital expenditure buildings should be £0 - thus making the figures consistent with previous years.
    The C18042 Estates Return contains information with prepopulated information from the OfS annual financial return. The value of 1,471,000 for FNRCEX (HESA-supplied residential capital expenditure buildings (£)) has been incorrectly returned as FRESCEX (HESA -supplied residences capital expenditure buildings (£)) The correction of the data is currently being considered by the OfS data amendments panel for the OfS annual financial return. Once HESA has received any agreed amendments to the data from the OfS annual financial return, HESA will import the relevant data into the C18042 Estates Return.

    Estates management
  • Cleaning costs (2011/12)

    The University of the Arts, London has seen a significant reduction in their residential cleaning costs total between 2010/11 and 2011/12 due to the disposal of residential property under their direct financial management.

    Estates management Finances (in Estates Management Record)
  • Completion of record water data (2020/21)

    Due to ongoing meter read / billing issues, Middlesex University were unable to complete all the sections of the Estate record for 2020/21 as no water usage data was available.

    Estates management
  • DEFRA conversion factor (2011/12)

    In their 2011/12 Estates Management Statistics return, the University of Dundee used an old DEFRA conversion factor of 0.18322 instead of the up-to-date factor of 0.18521 resulting in a 1% discrepancy. The corrected figure is 6,746,852.105 Kg CO2.

    Estates management Environment
  • Energy Consumption (2020/21)

    In 2020/21, Goldsmiths College saw changes in values for Energy consumption biomass (EECBIOMA) due to ongoing repair works and Energy consumption steam and hot water (EECSHWAT) due to increase in footfall due to lifting COVID restrictions.

    Field Name Description 2020/21 2019/20
    EECBIOMA Energy consumption biomass 308,112.000kWh 0.000kWh
    EECSHWAT Energy consumption steam and hot water 156,118.000kWh 87,928.000kWh
    Estates management
  • Energy consumption (2021/22)

    In 2021/22, The Institute of Cancer Research observed a decrease in the values for measures related to energy consumption across the fields shown below. This decline is because the provider was operational for only one month, resulting in lower values compared to last year's submission.

    Field Name Description      2021/22 2020/21




    Energy consumption natural gas used as input for a CHP unit

    Energy consumption heat consumed from onsite CHP      

    Energy consumption electricity consumed from onsite CHP

    1,183.000 kWh

    592.000 kWh

    368.000 kWh

    326,236.000 kWh

    163,249.000 kWh

    101,397.000 kWh

    Estates management
  • Energy emissions (2011/12)

    Harper Adams University College misreported D38c.C01: Energy emissions Total HEI in their 2011/12 Estate Management Statistics return. The figure has been suppressed from the main table. The corrected figure is as follows: D38c.C01: Energy emissions Total HEI = 1372441.53.

    Estates management Environment
  • Environmental management system (2019/20)

    University of Durham have confirmed that in 2019/20 Environmental management system existence should be reported as Yes, and Environmental management system external verification should be reported as Eco Campus Gold. These values are part of the Environmental management system data displayed in Table 4 of the published open data.


    Estates management
  • Environmental management system external verification

    In 2020/21, University of Liverpool reported ‘Other’ for Environmental management system external verification when it should be ISO14001.

    Estates management
  • Environmental management system external verification - 2016/17

    In 2016/17, University College London misreported their Environmental management system external verification. They submitted this as 05 – Eco Campus Gold, but it should be 09 – ISO14001.

    Estates management
  • Estates Management record

    Not all data fields within EMR are compulsory. Where a cell is blank, the HE provider has not returned any information.

    Estates management
  • Estates Management record (2018/19)

    University of Birmingham data are not included in Estates Management Record data, in line with the OfS letter to institutions dated 25 March 2020, which set out reduced regulatory requirements during the Covid-19 outbreak, including that the Estates Management Record 2018-19 did not need to be returned by the previously set deadline.

    Estates management
  • Estates Management record (2020/21)

    In 2020/21, The University of East London, was unable to return the values for the fields: scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from diesel used in HEP-owned vehicles (E12CEVD), non-residential waste mass that is sent to landfill (ENRWMLAN), residential waste mass that is sent for anaerobic digestion (ERWMADI) and the total waste mass that is sent to landfill (EWMLANT).

    Estates management
  • Estates ratios using capital expenditure (2015/16)

    During 2015/16 the University of Sunderland carried out a higher than normal level of construction work which has resulted in higher than normal capital expenditure data. This included work on the construction of a new building (Hope Street Xchange). The building work was still on-going at the end of the 2015/16 EMR reporting period therefore our space figures do not include this building. As a result ratios comparing our Capital Expenditure figures in relation to space are much higher than in the previous year.

    As a result of the level of construction work being carried out during the year, our total waste figures were also much higher than in the previous year. Consequently, ratios comparing our total waste figures to space or staff or student figures are also much higher than in the previous year.

    The Hope Street Xchange building was completed in February 2017. Unless EMR reporting requirements change, the building will not appear in our figures for 2016/17 as it is entirely commercial space and will therefore be excluded from EMR.

    Estates management Finances (in Estates Management Record)
  • EU emissions trading scheme (2012/13, 2013/14)

    University of Strathclyde incorrectly returned their EU Emissions Trading Scheme participation.  Their return should have been No.

    Estates management EU emissions trading scheme
  • Generation of electricity exported to grid (2014/15)

    Manchester Metropolitan University have misreported their Generation of electricity exported to grid in the 2014/15 Estates Management record return. They submitted the figure of 1821 kWh when this should be 0 as they do not export any electricity to grid.

    Estates management Environment
  • HE provider practice (2012/13)

    Scotland’s Rural College, SRUC, was formed on 1 October 2012 by the merger of Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge Colleges and SAC (Scottish Agricultural College). The merger resulted in a significant uplift in the size of the estate. Due to the land based nature of the college we have an unusual estate compared to the majority of other institutions.

    Estates management
  • HE provider practice (2013/14, 2014/15)

    The following providers did not make an Estates Management record data return to HESA:
    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
    The University of Buckingham

    The FSR submissions for The University of East Anglia and The University of Essex include figures for income, net return, net assets and deferred capital grants for the University Campus Suffolk, which is a 50:50 joint venture between these two universities.

    Estates management
  • HESA Finance return (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, Heythrop College did not complete a HESA Finance Return.

    Estates management Finance Finances (in Estates Management Record)