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Destinations of Leavers

No detail too small: Defining the Graduate Outcomes collection

We are currently working to develop our newest collection - Graduate Outcomes. This blog provides an update on our progress over the last two months in defining the data specification and survey brand.

Recent UK Graduates Now Working in 173 Countries

Following the release of the DLHE survey, Information Analyst Joe Macari looks at the destinations of UK-domiciled graduates – which reveals that 2015/16 graduates from UK higher education providers are working in 173 of the world’s 195 countries.

The end of NewDLHE: Introducing Graduate Outcomes

Today marks the end of our NewDLHE review, and the start of our implementation of the Graduate Outcomes collection. Graduate Outcomes will enable us to collect meaningful, relevant and robust data, while realising efficiencies across the higher education sector.

Increasing insights and the future of HESA’s destinations data

This summer sees a wealth of valuable data released on the destinations of graduates. This data provides real evidence about the employability and progression of students at a time of increasing uncertainty. This blog provides an overview of what data is being released and how you can get the most from it.

Towards implementation: An update on our review of graduate outcomes data

The final round of consultation as part of our NewDLHE review of graduate outcomes data has now closed, and we have been given a broad mandate to proceed to implement our model.

NewDLHE consultation: The future of graduate outcomes data

We are consulting on our new model for collecting information about what higher education (HE) students do after graduating (deadline for responses: 7 April).

The dawning of NewDLHE: An update on progress

For the last 18 months, we have been conducting a major review of the data we collect about the outcomes of graduates. We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing our final design on Monday 6 March. Here, we provide some updates on the project.

A NewDLHE Update: Capturing the future of graduate outcomes

Facilitating the effective transition of students into the labour market is one of the top policy priorities in higher education at the moment. To support this, we are currently spearheading a major review of the data we collect around graduate destinations – the NewDLHE review.

What's next for NewDLHE?

What’s next for NewDLHE? Back in September, we published the high-level consultation responses, and between us we have now officially read every response to every question – an impressive feat with 200+ responses to 128 questions. We’ve been using your detailed feedback to create the survey design for the replacement to DLHE.

Response to the Council for Science and Technology's note on strengthening entrepreneurship

We welcome the publication by the Council for Science and Technology (CST) of their letter, Strengthening entrepreneurship education to boost growth, jobs and productivity. Their recommendations tally with work we are already engaged in to improve data about entrepreneurial education.