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Open data

The value of feedback: Developing our Open Data Strategy

Following significant changes to some of our data releases, Open Data Champion Izzy Budd reflects on the feedback we've received to date and outlines our plans for the future.

HE Student data is latest HESA open data

HESA publishes the HE Student data 2016/17 on Thursday 8 February 2018. As one of our most anticipated annual products, we know its vital to make the data accessible, useful, and of the highest quality. And now, it is also free of charge. Jonathan Waller, HESA’s Director of Information & Analysis, provides an update on the new format of this data and its important place in HESA’s Open Data Strategy.

The continuing evolution of open data at HESA

A 2016 public consultation strongly supported HESA’s aim to publish non-personal and non-commercially-sensitive data as open data by 2021. One of HESA’s open data champions, Izzy Budd, outlines the next milestone in the transformation of HESA's publications and specifically the impact on the Higher Education Statistics for the UK publication.

What does Open Data mean for HESA?

Last year saw us launch an exciting new strategy to publish much of our data as open data. Hannah Cramer, one of our Open Data Champions, provides an update on recent progress.

Say hello to our new open data champions

Our new open data champions will lead the way in widening access to our datasets. They’ll work closely with you, as sector colleagues, to refine and implement agreed plans. And as these plans are rolled out, they’ll support you to make the most of our data in its new open format.