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Collection Design Project version 2: Consultation clarifications

Data matters Data collection

Thank you for your initial feedback and questions, we are reviewing them as they come in and have provided the below clarifications to go alongside our FAQs.

Don’t forget that if you send in your impact analysis by 9 January, we will be able to incorporate any outstanding issues in to our January workshops.

We are continually adding clarifications and updates to our FAQ page, but meanwhile, we wanted to shed a little extra light on some areas that appear to have been causing confusion:

Known issues: Additional

We have updated Known issues around S1 of the data dictionary, as below: 

We are continually adding clarifications and updates to our FAQ page

‘The S1 data dictionary is currently missing the Module Fee entity, and the course fee entity is incorrectly showing a ModDelID foreign key. However, as there is an area for discussion around the Fee Domicile and a question around the requirement for Course Session and Module Delivery Fee Information, it should be expected that this structure will change for Version 3’.

Supplier-side: Information gathering

  • The information being collected is described in detail in the implementation plan.
  • The version 2 model is based on and only includes the current collection mandate – however it is expressed with different attribute and entity names (and the associated data dictionary definitions).
  • In version 3, due for publication in February 2017, we will add a transition document to show how the fields map to the current HESA collected fields. We don't recommend you attempt to do this mapping for version 2.
  • The information within this consultation will help you complete an impact analysis.  The following have been provided to assist you with this:

Please use the Collection Design V2 page as your starting point, to introduce you to the content provided in this stage of the consultation. The page also outlines what you need to consider before completing your impact analysis.

Please note, HESA offices are closed from 26 December – 3 January 2017 inclusive, so any questions asked before this time will be considered and added to our FAQ page as necessary. We appreciate this is not the ideal time to respond due to the seasonal closure but we have extended this as far as we can in consideration of the upcoming workshops. We will consider any queries after this time, to remain as responsive as possible.

Thank you again, we rely on your feedback and expertise in this critical phase of the consultation.

Please note: although we will make every effort to respond to comments below, please use the V2 feedback and questions form, to ensure consideration and possible inclusion in our specific FAQ page for this stage of the consultation.

Alex Leigh

Alex Leigh