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HESA Student Record 2008/09 - Term-time accommodation

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HESA Student Record 2008/09

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Term-time accommodation

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valid entries
Short nameTTACCOM

This field records where the student is living during the current year.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All students who are studying where Instance.MODE = 01, 02, 23, 24 or 25 and any Instance.REDUCEDI = 00

Base data typeTTACCOMCodeType
Field length1
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Related fields
Reason required

To monitor student accommodation patterns.


This information should be collected once per academic year. If a student is in temporary accommodation at the time of collection but has permanent accommodation agreed, then the planned accommodation should be returned in this field.

Full-time for the purpose of this field excludes students on short full-time programmes of study (ie. those of total length 24 weeks or less).

Code 1 Institution maintained property refers to residences owned by the institution returning data

Code 6 'Not in attendance at the institution' to be used for full-time and sandwich students not currently in attendance at the institution for reasons such as industrial placement or language year abroad.

Code 7 'Own residence' includes a student's permanent residence, which may be either owned or rented by them.

Code 8 'Other rented accommodation' refers to a more temporary arrangement eg. where a number of students each rent a room in the same house on a yearly basis.

Date modified2009-09-21
Change management notesGuidance added 'Code 1 Institution maintained property refers to residences owned by the institution returning data'
Business rules

Student.TTACCOM must exist where any Instance.MODE = 01, 02, 23, 24 or 25 and the corresponding Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 unless institution in Wales and Course.COURSEAIM begins with P, Q, R, S or X.


Student.TTACCOM should not be coded 6 where Instance.LOCSDY = X

Schema components
Element: TTACCOM
Valid entries and labels
1Institution maintained property
2Parental/guardian home
5Not known
6Not in attendance at the institution
7Own residence
8Other rented accommodation
9Private-sector halls

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