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Institution profile record 2013/14

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Institution profile record 2013/14

Release notes

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Version 1.4 Produced 2014-05-02

This is the fifth release of the Institution profile record coding manual for 2013/14, and incorporates a number of changes since the last release.

Schema changes

The labels for Campus.COUNTRY valid entries BO, LY and VE have changed to reflect the differences in labels between the ISO-3166-1 standard and the National Statistics Country Classification (NSCC). Where the label differs from the NSCC, the ISO-3166-1 label is given in square brackets.

Addition of documentation

The Check documentation guide and the File structures for downloadable files have been added under the 'Submission and quality assurance' section of the manual.

Full details of the changes made to the manual can be found in the Revision history listed under documentation version 1.4.

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