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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Insurance premiums and contributions - D29InsurancePremiumsandContributions

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Estates Management record 2013/14

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Insurance premiums and contributions - D29

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Short nameInsurancePremiumsandContributions

The fields in this entity contain data about insurance premiums and contributions.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


The annual costs of premiums for insuring the premises to include all building insurance, contents, contents insurance and business interruption policies, including any relevant brokerage fees.

Exclude any costs relating to commercial space.

The total should include premiums or mutual contributions for terrorism, liability under the Health and Safety at Work regulations (including employers' liability), flood, burst pipes, subsidence, fire, explosion and insurance premium tax.

Exclusions relate to:

  • An overall insurance policy including loss of trade.
  • Public liability insurance (if cover relating to loss or damage to property or similar terms can be identified separately, this should be included in Insurance premium).
  • Damage to or theft of computers if covered by a separate policy to content.
  • All insurance costs relating to commercial space.

The insurance premium may not relate to the Insurance replacement value.

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Date modified2014-12-16
Change management notesThe guidance has been amended in the notes section, clarifying that employers' liability premium should be included within the insurance premiums and contributions data items.

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