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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Method of floor area measurement - D13MethodofFloorAreaMeasurement

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Estates Management record 2013/14

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Method of floor area measurement - D13

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Short nameMethodofFloorAreaMeasurement

The field in this entity contains data about the method used to measure floor area.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


Net Internal Area (NIA) requires only one return for floor area data.

Indicate in Method used to measure floor area whether the HEP's floor space data conforms to the NIA definition (N) (provided in NIA and RICS Red Book) or uses a room area basis (R).

Where Method used to measure floor area is completed as room area basis (R) HESA will apply a 6% uplift to the measurements returned in Net Internal Area, Net Internal Area commercial space and Specialist academic area. The uplift is required to harmonise all HEP returns to an equivalent of Net Internal Area so that Estates management ratios use a consistent value of Net Internal Area across the sector.

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