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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Repairs and maintenance costs - D33RepairsandMaintenanceCosts

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Estates Management record 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Scotland

Repairs and maintenance costs - D33

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Short nameRepairsandMaintenanceCosts

The fields in this entity contain data about repairs and maintenance costs.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


All revenue expenditure costs associated with the on-going repair and maintenance of the estate, but excluding costs relating to the commercial estate (it may include costs that fall below a certain HEP-specific spending threshold). This will be for the HEP as a whole, not just the estates department. Include the costs of maintenance and repair on all buildings, roads, grounds and playing fields as follows:

  • staff costs (salary, national insurance, pension contributions, and the value of other benefits as notified to Inland Revenue),
  • staff time associated with the direct supervision of repair and maintenance work but exclude the costs of 'top level' management time spent on budget setting and overall control,
  • direct support costs related to expenses, computing (excluding hardware), communications and consumables associated with maintenance and repair (rents, rates and service charges are not required),
  • costs of materials,
  • cost of legislative compliance,
  • costs of external consultants and contractors associated with maintenance work,
  • minor works expenditure where these are treated as revenue expenditure, and have not been included in the return of Capital expenditure buildings,
  • actual expenditure associated with long-term maintenance plans.

Specifically exclude any costs included under the heading of internal estate management costs at internally-incurred property management costs and any depreciation on capital costs of equipment.

The distinction between Capital expenditure buildings and maintenance revenue expenditure will be a matter for HEPs to determine, in line with the requirements of the Financial Reporting Group.

However, under Capital expenditure buildings there is guidance on the break down required under this heading. For reference, it should be noted that the total figure for Capital expenditure buildings returned in the Estates management record should be the same as the return made in the HESA Finance Statistics Return (FSR) Table 8 'Capital expenditure'. This, along with the definition of maintenance under Repairs and maintenance costs, should ensure compatibility with HESA returns for the topics of maintenance and capital expenditure.

It is important, however, that care is taken to avoid double-counting between Capital expenditure buildings and the Repairs and maintenance costs made here.

The combination of Repairs and maintenance costs and Capital expenditure buildings should result in the total building works related expenditure for the HEP. It is recognised, however, that there may be some inaccuracies using these sources, but they should still give a reasonable picture of these elements of property costs over time.

The figures for Non-residential repairs and maintenance costs total and Residential repairs and maintenance costs total should include buildings, grounds and playing field repairs and maintenance costs.

Building maintenance definition

Work undertaken to keep and restore every part of a building, its services and surrounds (including underground installations). This includes planned and reactive maintenance which are defined as:

Planned building maintenance is any work done with forethought and control to a predetermined plan, even on a day-to-day basis. This includes:

  • day to day or routine maintenance,
  • periodic or cyclical maintenance,
  • maintenance contracts (scheduled and condition based maintenance),
  • preventative maintenance (also planned preventative maintenance and forward maintenance),
  • regular statutory inspections,
  • painting/decorating programmes,
  • adaptation (such as re-location, change of use, alterations and minor refurbishment) that have not been included in part of Capital expenditure buildings,
  • long term maintenance (irregular or backlog maintenance).

Cleaning of external brickwork should be included under Repairs and maintenance costs and not under Cleaning costs.

Reactive building maintenance is carried out in response to unplanned breakdowns and emergencies. This includes:

  • unplanned maintenance,
  • emergency or breakdown maintenance,
  • responsive maintenance.

With term maintenance contracts and total facilities management contracts, reactive maintenance costs are costs of unforeseen break downs and ad hoc occupier requests for building maintenance, under the direct control of the contractor.

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