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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Residential occupancy rate percentage

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Estates Management record 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Scotland

Residential occupancy rate percentage

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Short nameSMORRP

This field contains data about the occupancy rate of residential space. The value can be recorded to one decimal place and must be between 0 and 100.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).

UnitPercentage (%)

The residential occupancy rate is measured by the proportion of the total letting period that the HEP's bedspaces are paid for throughout the letting year for resident students of the HEP. Thus, if 1,000 beds are let out for 32,000 'bedweeks' over a 36 week year, the occupancy rate would equal 32,000/(1000x36)=88.8%.

It is recognised that there may be different letting periods for different property and/or different types of student. It will therefore be necessary to provide a residential occupancy rate that is weighted to reflect these differences. The suggested method for providing this information is to divide the total number of 'bedweeks' sold by the total number of 'bedweeks' available over the academic letting period.

A bedweek is defined as one bedspace that is occupied for one week. If a HEP has 1,000 beds each occupied/let for a 36 week year, this means that there are 36,000 bedweeks. Thus, by calculating a bedweek value for each space and summing them the total 'let' bedweeks per period can be seen. This should be expressed as a percentage of the total potential bedweeks, (i.e. assuming all the bedspaces are let for full year, or 36 weeks x 1,000 beds in this example). The academic year should exclude out-of-term periods and therefore any occupancy by overseas students in holiday periods should not enter into the calculation.

Mandatory for
Quality rules
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Reason required

Sector use and benchmarking.

Part of
Field length5
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: SMORRP
Data type: PERCENTType

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