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Key Information Set 2013/14 - Table of Contents

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Key Information Set 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Wales

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Fields are displayed here by entity and sorted alphabetically by field name for ease of searching. The XSD ([RECID].xsd) defines the order in which elements must appear within submitted files. This is different to the order that they are presented within the coding manual.

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Institution :
OTHERINST - Franchise UK Provider Reference Number
RECID - Record type indicator
SUURL - Student union URL
SUURLW - Student union URL - Welsh
UKPRN - UK Provider Reference Number

KIS Course :
ASSURL - Assessment methods URL
ASSURLW - Assessment methods URL - Welsh
CRSEURL - Course page URL
CRSEURLW - Course page URL - Welsh
DISTANCE - Distance learning only
EMPLOYURL - Employment details URL
EMPLOYURLW - Employment details URL - Welsh
ENGFEE - Maximum fee for England domicile
FEETBC - Fees confirmation
FOUNDATION - Foundation year availability
HONOURS - Honours award provision
JACS - Subject of course - full JACS
JACSL2 - Subject of course - JACS level 2
KISAIM - KIS Course qualification aim
KISCOURSEID - KIS Course identifier
KISMODE - KIS Course mode
LEVEL - Level of award
LOCCHNGE - Change of course location
LOCID - Location identifier
LTURL - Learning and teaching methods URL
LTURLW - Learning and teaching methods URL - Welsh
MEANSSUP - Means tested support
NHS - NHS funded students
NIFEE - Maximum fee for Northern Ireland domicile
NONCREDITASSESS - Non-credit assessment
NUMSTAGE - Total number of stages
OTHSUP - Non-means-tested support
SANDWICH - Sandwich year availability
SCOTFEE - Maximum fee for Scotland domicile
SUPPORTURL - Support details URL
SUPPORTURLW - Support details URL - Welsh
TEACHUKPRN - Teaching institution UK Provider Reference Number
TITLE - Course title
TITLEW - Course title - Welsh
TTCID - Teacher training course
UCASCOURSEID - The UCAS Course code for the course
UCASPROGID - The UCAS Programme code for the course
VARFEE - Variable Fee
WAFEE - Maximum fee for Wales domicile
WAIVER - Fee waiver availability
WELSH - Proportion available in Welsh
YEARABROAD - Year abroad availability

Accreditation :

Course Stage :

HESA Course :

ILR Aims :

Location :

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