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Student 2016/17 - Outcome

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Student 2016/17

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valid entries

This field indicates whether the learner achieved the learning aim, achieved partially or had no success.

Applicable toEngland

Instances at providers in England where Instance.FESTUMK = 1, 3, 4 or 5, and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 or 01 except where ((Instance.PROGTYPE = 25 or Instance.FUNDMODEL = 36) and Institution.ILRGEN = 1).

Valid entries and labels
1Achieved (non AS-level aims)
2Partial achievement
3No achievement
6Achieved but uncashed (AS-levels only)
7Achieved and cashed (AS-levels only)
8Learning activities are complete but the outcome is not yet known

For programme aims (Instance.AIMTYPE = 1), the outcome of the entire programme must be recorded in this field.

Code 2 'Partial achievement' should only be used for prescribed HE learning aims where the learner has achieved an award that is at a lower academic level than the qualification they were aiming for as identified by the learning aim reference. For example, a learner who is aiming for an HND but leaves at the end of the first year with an HNC.

For all other learning aims this field should be used to record the learning outcome of the learning aim.

If the outcome was unknown (code 8) at R14 of 2015 to 2016, then these learning aim records should continue to be returned in 2016 to 2017 so that the outcome and destination can be updated.

Further guidance on recording completion can be found in the Provider support manual.

AS Qualifications

With the introduction of the new linear A levels from 2015 to 2016 in some subjects, AS qualifications will be decoupled from the A level, which means that AS marks will not count towards the A level.

AS qualifications in subjects that have been decoupled from the A level will no longer be recorded as cashed or uncashed. Code 1 must be used to record the achievement of these AS levels.

In subjects where the AS qualifications have not yet been reformed, you can continue to use codes 6 or 7 to indicate whether or not the learner has claimed a certificate from the awarding body for the AS qualification.

Traineeship Programmes

Traineeship programmes can only be recorded as achieved when a learner has progressed to an apprenticeship, job or further learning (see the EFA and SFA funding documentation for full details of the requirements). Where the programme is complete but the outcome is not yet known then code 8 should be recorded. If the outcome of the learner was unknown (code 8) at R14 of 2015 to 2016, then the programme aim and learning aim records for the traineeship should continue to be returned in 2016 to 2017 so that the programme outcome and destination can be updated.

A Learner Destination and Progression record must also be returned for all traineeship programmes.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

For the purpose of perfomance indicators and management information and by the Skills Funding Agency to fund achievement.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
OwnerSkills Funding Agency
Date modified2017-02-23
Change management notesRevisions to the Coverage statement and Notes section for the field to align with the FE Individualised Learner Record (ILR) Version 3, specifically excluding Instance.FUNDMODEL 36.

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