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Staff 2017/18 - Start date of governor status

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Staff 2017/18

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Start date of governor status

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Short nameSTARTGOV

This field records the start date of a person's governor status.

Applicable toEngland Scotland Wales

All governor records


This field records the start date of a person's governor status.

For C17025 only, providers are only able to return then governor entity once. If a governor has finished an existing governor contract in the 2017/18 reporting year, and commences a new one in the same year, providers will record the start date of the previous governor contract. In this case there will be no end date for the governor status, unless the governor ends the subsequent contract. An expected end date is still required.

The format for the fields on the Governor entity (Governor.STARTGOV, Governor.EXPENDGOV, Governor.ENDGOV) is YYYY-MM-DD.

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Field length10
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Date modified2018-08-15
Change management notesThe description of this field has been amended to state that the field records whether a Person is a member of the HE's governing body rather than specifically a member of staff.

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