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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Unistats HE provider delivering majority of teaching (mergers applied) UNISTATS_TPROV 1.1.2 8 CHAR

Dependent fields

  • None.

Depend upon fields

  • None.

Additional information

Used to identify the HE provider that delivers the majority of the teaching during the academic year.

Used in all UNISTATS tables and created during the data collection process.

From 2014/15, data management no longer maintain a list of valid teaching institution codes, but instead, the HE providers must return a valid UKPRN obtained from the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) or one of the generic codes 4002, 4003 or 4004.

Technical Specification

For Student collection Cyy051:

For students with XMODE01 in 1,2,3, this calculation should be based on the latest academic year. For students with XMODE01 in 4,5,6, this calculation should be based on the previous academic year. To do this, HIN link back, if XMODE01 in the previous year is 4,5,6 or there is no link, set UNISTATS_TPROV=Instance.UKPRN, otherwise use the method below.

  1. For each instance, generate a TOTAL_MODULE_FTE as SUM (Module.FTE) where StudentOnModule.MODSTAT<>4. If Instance.TOTAL_MODULE_FTE=0 then set UNISTATS_TPROV=Instance.UKPRN.
  2. For each Instance.Module where StudentOnModule.MODSTAT<>4 and where Instance.TOTAL_MODULE_FTE !=0 and for each unique teaching HE provider (set UNIQUE_TINST = unique values of Module.TINST) generate a PROPORTION_NOT_TAUGHT as the sum (over all modules associated to UNIQUE_TINST) of ((Module.PCOLAB X Module.FTE) / Instance.TOTAL_MODULE_FTE).
  3. For each Instance where Instance.TOTAL_MODULE_FTE !=0, if there exists a Instance.Module.PROPORTION_NOT_TAUGHT>50 AND the associated Instance.Module.UNIQUE_TINST is not 4001, 4002, 4003 or 4004 then set UNISTATS_TPROV= Instance.Module.UNIQUE_TINST Else set UNISTATS_TPROV=Instance.UKPRN.

Note 1: There should only ever be at most 1 Instance.Module.UNIQUE_TINST for which Instance.Module.PROPORTION_NOT_TAUGHT>50.

For AP student collection Cyy054:

For C14054 only: This field, relating to the previous year, is required for use in table 3. Thus it is required for providers with C13051/C12051 data, and the derivation can use the Cyy051 method. However no C13051.Module.TINST data was returned in these collections for the providers and hence the UNISTATS_TPROV for the C13051 year can be set to C13051.Institution.UKPRN.

For students with XINACT01 = 0 (Active during reporting period) base this calculation as given below, on the latest academic year.

For students with XINACT01 = 1 (Inactive for entire reporting period) base this calculation on the previous academic year. From C15054 onwards - to do this, UHN link back to the previous year, if XINACT01 in the previous year is 1 or there is no link, set UNISTATS_TPROV = Provider.UKPRN, otherwise use the method below.

  1. If XSTULOAD01 = 0 then set UNISTATS_TPROV to Provider UKPRN
  2. ELSE

  3. Create PRIPROV_STULOAD as follows:
    • For each Instance sum the InstancePeriod.STULOAD for every value of InstancePeriod.PRIPROV (where no PRIPROV exists or value equals 4002, 4003 or 4004 use Provider.UKPRN).
    • Where PRIPROV_STULOAD / XSTULOAD01 > 0.5 (i.e. more than 50% of the total STULOAD for the Instance is taught at a single provider) then set UNISTATS_TPROV to that provider UKPRN. There should only be one provider per instance falling into this category.
    • Where all PRIPROV_STULOAD / XSTULOAD01 for an Instance <= 0.5 set UNISTATS_TPROV to Provider UKPRN.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2015-08-20 1.1.2 Updated to include derivation for AP student
2014-08-20 1.1.1 For student data from 2014/15, replaces UNISTATS_TINSTMERGE, this version highlights the difference

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