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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Region of student domicile XDOMGR01 5.2.1 4 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
A North East
B North West
D Yorkshire and The Humber
E East Midlands
F West Midlands
G East of England
H London
J South East
K South West
XK UK region unknown
XF England region unknown
XI Wales
XH Scotland
XG Northern Ireland
Z Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man
GREU Geographic region - Other European Union
GRAF Geographic region - Africa
GRAS Geographic region - Asia
GRAU Geographic region - Australasia
GRME Geographic region - Middle East
GRNA Geographic region - North America
GROE Geographic region - Other Europe
GRSA Geographic region - South America
NOTK Not known

Dependent fields

  • XDOMGR401
  • XDOMHM01

Depend upon fields


Additional information

The single character England region codes are as described in Region (Office for National Statistics) in the ONS Postcode Directory (ONSPD). The remaining UK codes are mapped by HESA from pseudo ONS region codes. Where a postcode is provided and this matches on the ONSPD to a Region, then this region is output. Where a valid postcode is provided (valid postcodes include terminated postcodes), but it does not match the ONSPD, then UK region unknown is output (this would only occur as the result of a validation switch for a postcode introduced after the release of the ONSPD version in use by HESA).

Code XF is the National Statistics Country Classification (NSCC) code for England, but is used in this field as England region unknown, when data cannot be assigned to one of the nine England region codes.

Non-UK codes are derived from an overseas look-up table, provided by HESA Data Management, which includes all domicile codes except ZZ. Where no postcode is provided, and the country reported in domicile can be matched to region in the overseas lookup table then this region is output.

The August ONSPD update is used to ensure that all postcodes valid in a reporting period can be validated during submission.

Technical Specification

Please note: in the following specification, the table suffix '_(Y2)AUG' refers to a year-specific reference derived from the reporting year. For 2013/14, Y1 is 13 and Y2 is 14, thus for 2013/14 the table suffix would be 14AUG, and for 2014/15 the suffix would be 15AUG, and so on.

The table FULLPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG consists of 6 columns: Full Postcode (F_FULLPC, VARCHAR2, 8); X coordinate (F_OSEAST1M, NUMBER); Y coordinate (F_OSNRTH1M, NUMBER); Region (F_GOR, CHAR, 2); Country (F_CTRY, VARCHAR2, 2) and County/Unitary Authority code (F_XDOMUC01, VARCHAR2, 4).
This table has been supplied in an Oracle table provided by Data Management.

The table OUTPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG consists of 7 columns: Outward Postcode (F_OUTPC, VARCHAR2, 4); Full Postcode (F_FULLPC, VARCHAR2, 8); X coordinate (F_OSEAST1M, NUMBER); Y coordinate (F_OSNRTH1M, NUMBER); Region (F_GOR, CHAR, 2); Country (F_CTRY, VARCHAR2, 2) and County/Unitary Authority code (F_XDOMUC01, VARCHAR2, 4).
This table has been supplied in an Oracle table provided by Data Management.

The table T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9 consists of 3 columns: Country of domicile (F_DOMICILE, VARCHAR2, 4); Region of domicile (F_REGION, VARCHAR2, 4) and ISO Country of domicile (F_DOMICILE_ISO, VARCHAR2, 2).
This table has been supplied in an Oracle table provided by Data Management.

If a valid DOMICILE code has been supplied (in 2-char ISO format), but is not found in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9, then the function will output NULL, which is to be identified during impossible values testing.

see following page

Note to developers:Convert incoming POSTCODE data to uppercase in Software Development function, before carrying out lookup.

Null ZZ, Null NOTK
GG, JE, XL or IM Z
Set of characters (max. of 4) up to first space, if there is one, found in OUTPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG .F_OUTPC and OUTPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG .F_GOR not blank (If F_GOR is blank then Otherwise) OUTPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG .F_GOR
Otherwise XK

XDOMGR01 may output a null value. This is an error, highlighting that a value in the collection's DOMICILE field is not contained in the T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9 lookup table's F_DOMICILE_ISO column. This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-09-12 5.2.1 Technical specification revised to update references to T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8, which has been replaced with T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9.
2014-10-16 5.1.1 Technical specification revised to remove the stage which referred to the FEEELIG field. Null entries in POSTCODE in combination with null or 'ZZ' in DOMICILE will now derive directly to new valid entry NOTK 'Not known'. Removal of valid entry GROO 'Non-European Union unknown' as a consequence.
2013-09-27 4.10.1 Technical specification revised to remove the TEMP processing stage, which is no longer required with the complete move of the source data tables to ISO-3166-1 and the consequent removal of old-style HESA country codes in the postcode lookup tables for F_REGION; and W, X and Y region codes in F_GOR. Table suffixes changed to be non-year specific, with explanatory sentence added.
2013-01-09 4.9.1 Updated for new version of lookup 13AUG. Additional row added to Technical specification: where the DOMICILE value is not found in F_DOMICILE_ISO column of T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V7, return Null as TEMP, and therefore XDOMGR01, as an error - rather than allowing the function to fail.
2012-04-12 4.8.2 Field description changed to 'Region of student domicile' and reference to 'Government Office Region' changed to 'Region' following ONS policy change. No change to function or valid entries.
2012-02-09 4.8.1 Technical specification: Instruction added to convert incoming postcode data to upper case before performing lookup. Updated for new version of lookup 12AUG, T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V5 replaced with T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V7. Dependent fields: Removal of XDOMCT01 dependency and added XDOMREG01. Additional information: text referring to National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) to ONS Postcode Directory (ONSPD).
2011-04-13 4.7.1 Updated for new version of lookup 11AUG.
2011-01-31 4.6.1 Updated for new version of lookup 11MAY.
2010-05-13 4.5.2 All references of 09MAY lookup updated to 10MAY.
2010-04-09 4.5.1 Updated for new version of lookup 10MAY.
2009-07-16 4.4.1 Footer moved to end of last page only.
2009-06-17 4.4.1 Technical specification addition to clarify how to handle postcodes with a blank Geographic Office Region.
2009-04-07 4.3.3 Additional information clarifying the use of England region unknown label for code XF added.
2009-03-25 4.3.2 England region labels updated to East of England and Yorkshire and The Humber following confirmation from ONS.
2009-03-13 4.3.1 Updated for new version of lookup 09MAY and overseas lookup v5, and refers only to F_DOMICILE_ISO.
2008-06-24 4.2.1 Text changes to the description of t_overseas_lookup for 2007/08 and clarification of ownership of table changing from DQA to DM. Clarification of additional processing to TEMP and correction of mapping in TEMP from F_REGION input.
2007-01-17 3.5.1 Using new lookup table – 07MAY.
2006-03-14 3.4.1 Using new lookup table – 06MAY.
2005-07-07 3.2.1 Using new lookup table – May 2005.
2005-01-25 3.1.1 Different valid entry codes due to new lookup table sources.
2004-03-22 2.3.1 use updated lookup table (R36).
2004-02-03 2.2.1 Labelling changes.
2003-02-11 2.1.1 Code modified to use updated lookup table (R34). Code 'MERS' not used.
2000-07-03 1.2.1 Code modified to incorporate R30.
2000-01-06 1.1.1 Created.
1994-01-01 4.1.1 Revised for Cyy051 with new coding output codes and new versions of lookup tables.
1994-01-01 3.4.2 Text amended to clarity that function should error of valid domicile provided and not found in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V3.
1994-01-01 3.3.1 Using new lookup table – 05NOV.
1994-01-01 3.1.2 Using version 3 of overseas lookup table.

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