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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
JACS subject by full person equivalent XJACS01_XFPE01 3.6.1 7 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
A100 Pre-clinical medicine
A200 Pre-clinical dentistry
A300 Clinical medicine
A400 Clinical dentistry
A900 Others in medicine & dentistry
A990 Medicine & dentistry not elsewhere classified
A000 Medicine & dentistry
B100 Anatomy, physiology & pathology
B110 Anatomy
B120 Physiology
B121 Clinical physiology
B130 Pathology
B131 Cellular pathology
B132 Pathobiology
B140 Neuroscience
B160 Physiotherapy
B170 Podiatry
B190 Anatomy, physiology & pathology not elsewhere classified
B200 Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy
B210 Pharmacology
B220 Toxicology
B230 Pharmacy
B290 Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy not elsewhere classified
B300 Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being
B310 Osteopathy
B320 Chiropractic
B340 Alternative medicine & therapies
B341 Chinese
B342 Herbalism
B343 Acupuncture
B344 Aromatherapy
B345 Hypnotherapy
B346 Reflexology
B350 Hair & beauty science
B351 Hair services
B352 Beauty therapies
B353 Make-up
B360 Spa & water-based therapies
B390 Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being not elsewhere classified
B400 Nutrition
B410 Dietetics
B490 Nutrition not elsewhere classified
B500 Ophthalmics
B510 Optometry
B520 Orthoptics
B590 Ophthalmics not elsewhere classified
B600 Aural & oral sciences
B610 Audiology
B620 Speech science
B630 Language pathology
B690 Aural & oral sciences not elsewhere classified
B700 Nursing
B701 Palliative care nursing
B702 Clinical practice nursing
B710 Community nursing
B712 Health visiting
B713 School nursing
B714 Practice nursing
B720 Midwifery
B730 Children's nursing
B731 Neonatal care
B740 Adult nursing
B741 Older people nursing
B750 Dental nursing
B760 Mental health nursing
B761 Learning disability nursing
B770 Medical nursing
B771 Critical care nursing
B772 Surgical nursing
B773 Emergency nursing
B790 Nursing not elsewhere classified
B800 Medical technology
B810 Cardiography
B820 Radiology
B821 Radiography, diagnostic
B822 Radiography, therapeutic
B830 Biomechanics & prosthetics (non-clinical)
B840 Dental technology
B850 Mortuary technology
B890 Medical technology not elsewhere classified
B900 Others in subjects allied to medicine
B910 Environmental health
B920 Occupational health
B930 Occupational therapy
B940 Counselling
B950 Paramedical science
B960 Physician assistant studies
B990 Subjects allied to medicine not elsewhere classified
B000 Subjects allied to medicine
C100 Biology
C110 Applied biology
C111 Parasitology
C120 Behavioural biology
C130 Cell biology
C131 Applied cell biology
C140 Developmental/Reproductive biology
C141 Developmental biology
C142 Reproductive biology
C150 Environmental biology
C160 Marine/Freshwater biology
C161 Marine biology
C162 Freshwater biology
C170 Population biology
C180 Ecology
C181 Biodiversity
C182 Evolution
C183 Community ecology
C184 Conservation ecology
C185 Ecosystem ecology & land use
C186 Population ecology
C187 Ecotoxicology
C190 Biology not elsewhere classified
C191 Biometry
C200 Botany
C210 Applied botany
C220 Mycology
C230 Plant biotechnology
C240 Plant cell science
C250 Plant pathology
C260 Plant physiology
C270 Developmental & reproductive plant biology
C280 Systematic botany
C290 Botany not elsewhere classified
C300 Zoology
C310 Applied zoology
C320 Cell zoology
C330 Developmental & reproductive zoology
C340 Entomology
C350 Marine zoology
C360 Pest science
C380 Systematic zoology
C390 Zoology not elsewhere classified
C400 Genetics
C410 Applied genetics
C420 Human genetics
C430 Medical & veterinary genetics
C431 Medical genetics
C432 Veterinary genetics
C440 Molecular genetics
C441 Transcriptomics
C450 Genomics
C451 Functional genomics
C452 Genome organisation
C460 Genetic engineering
C470 Population genetics & evolution
C490 Genetics not elsewhere classified
C500 Microbiology
C510 Applied microbiology
C520 Medical & veterinary microbiology
C521 Medical microbiology
C522 Veterinary microbiology
C530 Bacteriology
C540 Virology
C550 Immunology
C570 Serology
C590 Microbiology not elsewhere classified
C600 Sport & exercise science
C610 Sport coaching
C620 Sport development
C630 Sport conditioning, rehabilitation & therapy
C640 Sport studies
C650 Sport technology
C690 Sport & exercise science not elsewhere classified
C700 Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry
C710 Applied molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry
C720 Biological chemistry
C730 Metabolic biochemistry
C740 Medical & veterinary biochemistry
C741 Medical biochemistry
C742 Veterinary biochemistry
C750 Plant biochemistry
C760 Biomolecular science
C770 Biophysical science
C790 Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry not elsewhere classified
C800 Psychology
C810 Applied psychology
C811 Occupational psychology
C812 Educational psychology
C813 Sport psychology
C814 Organisational psychology
C815 Business psychology
C816 Forensic psychology
C820 Developmental psychology
C821 Child psychology
C822 The psychology of ageing
C830 Methodological & conceptual issues in psychology
C831 Research methods in psychology
C832 Quantitative psychology
C833 Qualitative psychology
C834 History of psychology
C835 Philosophy of psychology
C840 Psychology in health & medicine
C841 Health psychology
C842 Clinical psychology
C843 Counselling psychology
C844 Psychotherapy
C845 Clinical neuropsychology
C846 Community psychology
C847 Psychoanalytical studies
C848 Psychology of mental health
C850 Cognitive & affective psychology
C851 Psychological modelling
C852 Psychology of communication
C853 Psychology of memory & learning
C854 Psychology of perception
C855 Psychology of higher cognitive processes
C856 Experimental psychology
C857 Affective psychology
C858 Transpersonal psychology
C860 Psychobiology
C861 Cognitive neuroscience
C862 Affective neuroscience
C863 Psychopharmacology
C864 Evolutionary psychology
C865 Animal psychology
C870 Personality & individual differences
C871 Psychometrics
C872 Psychology of gender
C873 Cross-cultural psychology
C880 Social psychology
C881 Social cognition
C890 Psychology not elsewhere classified
C900 Others in biological sciences
C910 Applied biological sciences
C990 Biological sciences not elsewhere classified
C000 Biological sciences
D100 Pre-clinical veterinary medicine
D190 Pre-clinical veterinary medicine not elsewhere classified
D200 Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry
D210 Clinical veterinary medicine
D220 Clinical veterinary dentistry
D290 Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry not elsewhere classified
D300 Animal science
D310 Veterinary nursing
D320 Animal health
D321 Animal anatomy
D322 Animal physiology
D323 Animal pathology
D324 Animal pharmacology
D325 Animal toxicology
D326 Animal pharmacy
D327 Animal nutrition
D328 Animal welfare
D330 Veterinary public health
D340 Overseas veterinary development
D390 Animal sciences not elsewhere classified
D400 Agriculture
D410 Arable & fruit farming
D411 Agricultural pests & diseases
D412 Crop physiology
D413 Crop nutrition
D414 Crop protection
D415 Crop production
D416 Glasshouse culture
D417 Amenity horticulture
D418 Exotic plants & crops
D420 Livestock
D421 Livestock husbandry
D422 Equine studies
D423 Poultry keeping
D424 Game keeping
D425 Exotic livestock
D430 Fish farming
D431 Fish husbandry
D432 Freshwater fish
D433 Saltwater fish
D434 Ornamental fish
D435 Aquaculture
D440 Rural estate management
D441 Farm management
D442 Game keeping management
D443 Water resource management
D444 Land management for recreation
D445 Biological heritage site management
D446 Wilderness management
D447 Environmental conservation
D448 Sustainable agricultural & landscape development
D450 International agriculture
D460 Organic farming
D461 Organic arable & fruit farming
D462 Organic livestock
D463 Organic fish farming
D470 Agricultural technology
D471 Agricultural machinery
D472 Agricultural irrigation & drainage
D490 Agriculture not elsewhere classified
D500 Forestry & arboriculture
D510 Trees & shrubs
D511 Forestry pests & diseases
D512 Tree physiology
D513 Tree nutrition
D514 Tree protection
D515 Tree production
D516 Timber production
D517 Community forestry
D520 International forestry
D530 Organic forestry
D540 Forestry technology
D541 Forestry irrigation & drainage
D590 Forestry not elsewhere classified
D600 Food & beverage studies
D610 Food science
D611 Meat science
D612 Cereal science
D613 Vegetable science
D614 Fruit science
D620 Food hygiene
D630 Food & beverage production
D631 Food & beverage manufacture
D632 Food & beverage processing
D633 Food & beverage technology
D634 Industrial baking
D635 Industrial brewing
D640 Food & beverages for the consumer
D641 Food & beverage packaging
D642 Food & beverage delivery
D690 Food & beverage studies not elsewhere classified
D700 Agricultural sciences
D710 Agricultural biology
D711 Agricultural microbiology
D720 Agricultural chemistry
D721 Agricultural biochemistry
D730 Agricultural botany
D740 Agricultural zoology
D750 Soil as an agricultural medium
D790 Agricultural sciences not elsewhere classified
D900 Others in veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects
D990 Veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects not elsewhere classified
D000 Veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects
F100 Chemistry
F110 Applied chemistry
F111 Industrial chemistry
F112 Colour chemistry
F120 Inorganic chemistry
F130 Structural chemistry
F131 Crystallography
F140 Environmental chemistry
F141 Marine chemistry
F150 Medicinal chemistry
F151 Pharmaceutical chemistry
F160 Organic chemistry
F161 Organometallic chemistry
F162 Polymer chemistry
F163 Bio-organic chemistry
F164 Petrochemical chemistry
F165 Biomolecular chemistry
F170 Physical chemistry
F180 Analytical chemistry
F190 Chemistry not elsewhere classified
F200 Materials science
F290 Materials science not elsewhere classified
F300 Physics
F310 Applied physics
F311 Engineering physics
F320 Chemical physics
F321 Solid-state physics
F330 Environmental physics
F331 Atmospheric physics
F332 Marine physics
F340 Mathematical & theoretical physics
F341 Electromagnetism
F342 Quantum mechanics
F343 Computational physics
F350 Medical physics
F351 Radiation physics
F360 Optical physics
F361 Laser physics
F370 Nuclear & particle physics
F380 Acoustics
F390 Physics not elsewhere classified
F400 Forensic & archaeological sciences
F410 Forensic science
F420 Archaeological science
F490 Forensic & archaeological sciences not elsewhere classified
F500 Astronomy
F510 Astrophysics
F520 Space & planetary sciences
F521 Space science
F522 Planetary science
F530 Solar & solar terrestrial physics
F540 Astronomy observation
F550 Astronomy theory
F590 Astronomy not elsewhere classified
F600 Geology
F610 Applied geology
F611 Industrial geology
F612 Engineering geology
F620 Mining geology
F621 Exploration geology
F630 Geotechnology
F631 Marine geotechnology
F640 Earth science
F641 Palaeontology
F642 Geoscience
F643 Quaternary studies
F644 Hydrogeology
F645 Mantle & core processes
F646 Land-atmosphere interactions
F650 Geological oceanography
F660 Geophysics
F661 Exploration geophysics
F670 Geochemistry
F680 Geohazards
F681 Seismology & tectonics
F682 Vulcanology
F690 Geology not elsewhere classified
F700 Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments
F710 Marine sciences
F720 Hydrography
F730 Ocean sciences
F731 Ocean circulation
F732 Oceanographic survey & monitoring
F733 Land-ocean interaction
F734 Atmosphere-ocean interactions
F750 Environmental sciences
F751 Applied environmental sciences
F752 Hydrology
F753 Pollution control
F754 Biogeochemical cycles
F755 Environmental informatics
F756 Environmental physiology
F760 Climatology
F761 Meteorology
F762 Large-scale atmospheric dynamics & transport
F763 Boundary-layer meteorology
F764 Climate & climate change
F765 Radiative processes & effects
F770 Soil science
F780 Glaciology & cryospheric systems
F790 Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments not elsewhere classified
F800 Physical geographical sciences
F810 Environmental geography
F811 Biogeography
F840 Physical geography
F841 Maritime geography
F842 Geomorphology
F843 Topography
F844 Cartography
F845 Remote sensing
F846 Geographical information systems
F890 Physical geographical sciences not elsewhere classified
F900 Others in physical sciences
F990 Physical sciences not elsewhere classified
F000 Physical sciences
G100 Mathematics
G110 Pure mathematics
G120 Applied mathematics
G121 Mechanics (mathematical)
G130 Mathematical methods
G140 Numerical analysis
G150 Mathematical modelling
G160 Engineering/industrial mathematics
G170 Computational mathematics
G190 Mathematics not elsewhere classified
G200 Operational research
G290 Operational research not elsewhere classified
G300 Statistics
G310 Applied statistics
G311 Medical statistics
G320 Probability
G330 Stochastic processes
G340 Statistical modelling
G350 Mathematical statistics
G390 Statistics not elsewhere classified
G900 Others in mathematical sciences
H100 General engineering
H110 Integrated engineering
H120 Safety engineering
H121 Fire safety engineering
H122 Water quality control
H123 Public health engineering
H130 Computer-aided engineering
H131 Automated engineering design
H140 Mechanics
H141 Fluid mechanics
H142 Solid mechanics
H143 Structural mechanics
H150 Engineering design
H160 Bioengineering, biomedical engineering & clinical engineering
H161 Biomaterials
H162 Biomechanics (including fluid & solid mechanics)
H163 Bioelectronics & bioelectricity
H164 Rehabilitation engineering
H165 Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine
H166 Imaging
H167 Biosensors
H168 Medical devices & instrumentation
H169 Neural engineering
H190 General engineering not elsewhere classified
H200 Civil engineering
H210 Structural engineering
H220 Environmental engineering
H221 Energy resources
H222 Coastal decay
H223 Environmental impact assessment
H230 Transport engineering
H231 Permanent way engineering
H232 Pavement engineering
H240 Surveying science
H241 General practice surveying
H242 Engineering surveying
H250 Geotechnical engineering
H290 Civil engineering not elsewhere classified
H300 Mechanical engineering
H310 Dynamics
H311 Thermodynamics
H320 Mechanisms & machines
H321 Turbine technology
H330 Automotive engineering
H331 Road vehicle engineering
H332 Rail vehicle engineering
H333 Ship propulsion engineering
H340 Acoustics & vibration
H341 Acoustics
H342 Vibration
H350 Offshore engineering
H360 Electromechanical engineering
H390 Mechanical engineering not elsewhere classified
H400 Aerospace engineering
H410 Aeronautical engineering
H411 Air passenger transport engineering
H412 Air freight transport engineering
H413 Air combat engineering
H420 Astronautical engineering
H430 Avionics
H440 Aerodynamics
H441 Flight mechanics
H450 Propulsion systems
H460 Aviation studies
H490 Aerospace engineering not elsewhere classified
H500 Naval architecture
H510 Shipbuilding
H511 Surface passenger ship building
H512 Surface freight ship building
H513 Surface combat ship building
H514 Submarine building
H520 Ship design
H521 Surface passenger ship design
H522 Surface freight ship design
H523 Surface combat ship design
H524 Submarine design
H590 Naval architecture not elsewhere classified
H600 Electronic & electrical engineering
H610 Electronic engineering
H611 Microelectronic engineering
H612 Integrated circuit design
H620 Electrical engineering
H630 Electrical power
H631 Electrical power generation
H632 Electrical power distribution
H640 Communications engineering
H641 Telecommunications engineering
H642 Broadcast engineering
H643 Satellite engineering
H644 Microwave engineering
H650 Systems engineering
H651 Digital circuit engineering
H652 Analogue circuit engineering
H660 Control systems
H661 Instrumentation control
H662 Control by light systems
H670 Robotics & cybernetics
H671 Robotics
H672 Cybernetics
H674 Virtual reality engineering
H680 Optoelectronic engineering
H690 Electronic & electrical engineering not elsewhere classified
H700 Production & manufacturing engineering
H710 Manufacturing systems engineering
H711 Manufacturing systems design
H712 Manufacturing installation systems
H713 Production processes
H714 Manufacturing systems maintenance
H720 Quality assurance engineering
H730 Mechatronics
H790 Production & manufacturing engineering not elsewhere classified
H800 Chemical, process & energy engineering
H810 Chemical engineering
H811 Biochemical engineering
H812 Pharmaceutical engineering
H820 Atomic engineering
H821 Nuclear engineering
H830 Chemical process engineering
H831 Bioprocess engineering
H840 Gas engineering
H850 Petroleum engineering
H890 Chemical, process & energy engineering not elsewhere classified
H900 Others in engineering
H990 Engineering not elsewhere classified
H000 Engineering
I100 Computer science
I110 Computer architectures & operating systems
I111 Computer architectures
I112 Operating systems
I113 Displays & imaging
I114 High end computing
I115 Parallel computing
I120 Networks & communications
I130 Computational science foundations
I140 Human-computer interaction
I150 Multimedia computing science
I160 Internet
I161 e-business
I190 Computer science not elsewhere classified
I200 Information systems
I210 Information modelling
I220 Systems design methodologies
I230 Systems analysis & design
I240 Databases
I250 Systems auditing
I260 Data management
I270 Intelligent & expert systems
I290 Systems analysis & design not elsewhere classified
I300 Software engineering
I310 Software design
I320 Programming
I321 Procedural programming
I322 Object-oriented programming
I323 Declarative programming
I390 Software engineering not elsewhere classified
I400 Artificial intelligence
I410 Speech & natural language processing
I420 Knowledge representation
I430 Neural computing
I440 Computer vision
I450 Cognitive modelling
I460 Machine learning
I461 Automated reasoning
I490 Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified
I500 Health informatics
I510 Health technologies
I520 Bioinformatics
I530 Tele healthcare
I590 Health informatics not elsewhere classified
I600 Games
I610 Computer games programming
I620 Computer games design
I630 Computer games graphics
I700 Computer generated visual & audio effects
I710 Computer generated imagery
I900 Others in computer sciences
I990 Computer sciences not elsewhere classified
J100 Minerals technology
J110 Mining
J120 Quarrying
J130 Rock mechanics
J140 Minerals processing
J150 Minerals surveying
J160 Petrochemical technology
J190 Minerals technology not elsewhere classified
J200 Metallurgy
J210 Applied metallurgy
J220 Metallic fabrication
J221 Pattern making
J230 Corrosion technology
J290 Metallurgy not elsewhere classified
J300 Ceramics & glass
J310 Ceramics
J320 Glass technology
J390 Ceramics & glass not elsewhere classified
J400 Polymers & textiles
J410 Polymers technology
J411 Plastics
J420 Textiles technology
J421 Textile chemistry
J422 Dying & colouring of textiles
J430 Leather technology
J431 Tanning
J440 Clothing production
J441 Machine knitting
J442 Commercial tailoring
J443 Pattern cutting
J444 Millinery
J445 Footwear production
J490 Polymers & textiles not elsewhere classified
J500 Materials technology not otherwise specified
J510 Materials technology
J511 Engineering materials
J512 Paper technology
J513 Furniture technology
J520 Printing
J521 Offset lithography
J522 Photo-lithography
J523 Reprographic techniques
J524 Screen process printing
J530 Gemmology
J590 Materials technology not elsewhere classified
J600 Maritime technology
J610 Marine technology
J611 Marine navigation
J612 Marine radar
J613 Marine radio
J614 Marine plumbing
J690 Maritime technology not elsewhere classified
J700 Biotechnology
J710 Plant biotechnology (crops, trees, shrubs etc.)
J720 Animal biotechnology
J730 Environmental biotechnology
J740 Industrial biotechnology
J750 Medical biotechnology
J790 Biotechnology not elsewhere classified
J900 Others in technology
J910 Energy technologies
J920 Ergonomics
J930 Audio technology
J931 Music recording
J940 Machinery maintenance
J941 Office machinery maintenance
J942 Industrial machinery maintenance
J950 Musical instrument technology
J960 Transport logistics
J970 Emergency & disaster technologies
J990 Technologies not elsewhere classified
J000 Technologies
K100 Architecture
K110 Architectural design theory
K120 Interior architecture
K130 Architectural technology
K190 Architecture not elsewhere classified
K200 Building
K210 Building technology
K220 Construction management
K230 Building surveying
K240 Quantity surveying
K250 Conservation of buildings
K251 Property development
K290 Building not elsewhere classified
K300 Landscape & garden design
K310 Landscape architecture
K320 Landscape studies
K330 Landscape design
K340 Garden design
K341 Garden horticulture
K390 Landscape & garden design not elsewhere classified
K400 Planning (urban, rural & regional)
K410 Regional planning
K420 Urban & rural planning
K421 Urban planning
K422 Rural planning
K430 Planning studies
K440 Urban studies
K450 Housing
K460 Transport planning
K490 Planning (urban, rural & regional) not elsewhere classified
K900 Others in architecture, building & planning
K990 Architecture, building & planning not elsewhere classified
K000 Architecture, building & planning
L100 Economics
L110 Applied economics
L111 Financial economics
L112 Agricultural economics
L113 Economic policy
L120 Microeconomics
L130 Macroeconomics
L140 Econometrics
L150 Political economics
L160 International economics
L170 Economic systems
L171 Capitalism
L172 Monetarism
L173 Keynesianism
L174 Collectivism
L190 Economics not elsewhere classified
L200 Politics
L210 Political theories
L211 Liberalism
L212 Conservatism
L213 Socialism
L214 Nationalism
L215 Fascism
L216 Feminism
L217 Environmentalism
L218 Anarchism
L220 Political systems
L221 Autocracy
L222 Democracy
L223 Plutocracy
L224 Oligarchy
L230 UK government/parliamentary studies
L231 Public administration
L232 UK constitutional studies
L240 International politics
L241 European Union politics
L242 Commonwealth politics
L243 Politics of a specific country/region
L244 International constitutional studies
L250 International relations
L251 Strategic studies
L252 War & peace studies
L253 International criminology
L260 Comparative politics
L290 Politics not elsewhere classified
L300 Sociology
L310 Applied sociology
L311 Applied criminology
L312 Victimology
L320 Gender studies
L321 Women's studies
L322 Men's studies
L330 Ethnic studies
L340 Disability in society
L350 Religion in society
L360 Socio-economics
L370 Social theory
L371 Social hierarchy
L380 Political sociology
L390 Sociology not elsewhere classified
L391 Sociology of science & technology
L400 Social policy
L410 UK social policy
L420 International social policy
L430 Public policy
L431 Health policy
L432 Welfare policy
L433 Education policy
L434 Transport policy
L435 Security policy
L436 Emergency services policy
L437 Criminal justice policy
L490 Social policy not elsewhere classified
L500 Social work
L510 Health & welfare
L520 Child care
L530 Youth work
L540 Community work
L541 Community justice
L550 Careers guidance
L560 Probation/after-care
L590 Social work not elsewhere classified
L600 Anthropology
L610 Social & cultural anthropology
L611 Criminological theory
L620 Physical & biological anthropology
L690 Anthropology not elsewhere classified
L700 Human & social geography
L710 Human & social geography by area
L711 Human & social geography of Europe
L712 Human & social geography of Asia
L713 Human & social geography of Africa
L714 Human & social geography of Australasia
L715 Human & social geography of the Americas
L716 Human & social geography of the Arctic/Antarctic
L720 Human & social geography by topic
L721 Economic geography
L722 Urban geography
L723 Political geography
L724 Transport geography
L725 Historical geography
L726 Cultural geography
L727 Agricultural geography
L728 Human Demography
L790 Human & social geography not elsewhere classified
L800 Development studies
L900 Others in social studies
L990 Social studies not elsewhere classified
L000 Social studies
M100 Law by area
M110 UK legal systems
M111 English law
M112 Welsh law
M113 Northern Irish law
M114 Scottish law
M120 European Union law
M130 Public international law
M140 Comparative law
M190 Law by area not elsewhere classified
M200 Law by topic
M210 Public law
M211 Criminal law
M220 Private law
M221 Business & commercial law
M222 Contract law
M223 Property law
M224 Torts
M240 Jurisprudence
M250 Legal practice
M260 Medical law
M270 Sociology of law
M290 Law by topic not elsewhere classified
M900 Others in law
M990 Law not elsewhere classified
M000 Law
N100 Business studies
N110 European business studies
N120 International business studies
N190 Business studies not elsewhere classified
N200 Management studies
N210 Management techniques
N211 Strategic management
N212 Creative management
N213 Project management
N214 Change management
N215 Organisational development
N220 Institutional management
N223 Domestic management
N224 Management & organisation of education
N225 Criminal justice management
N230 Land & property management
N231 Land management
N232 Property management
N234 Property valuation & auctioneering
N240 Retail management
N250 Emergency & disaster management
N251 Emergency services management
N252 Disaster management
N290 Management studies not elsewhere classified
N300 Finance
N310 Banking
N320 Investment & insurance
N321 Investment
N322 Insurance
N323 Actuarial science
N330 Taxation
N340 Financial management
N341 Financial risk
N390 Finance not elsewhere classified
N400 Accounting
N410 Accountancy
N411 Cost & management accountancy
N412 Public accountancy
N413 Book keeping
N420 Accounting theory
N421 Auditing of accounts
N422 Financial reporting
N490 Accounting not elsewhere classified
N500 Marketing
N510 Market research
N520 Sales management
N530 Distribution
N550 International marketing
N560 Promotion & advertising
N561 Advertising
N562 Corporate image
N563 Sponsorship
N590 Marketing not elsewhere classified
N600 Human resource management
N611 Industrial relations
N612 Staff development
N613 Training methods
N614 Recruitment methods
N620 Health & safety issues
N690 Human resources management not elsewhere classified
N700 Office skills
N710 Office administration
N720 Secretarial & typing skills
N721 Audio typing
N722 Shorthand & shorthand transcription
N790 Office skills not elsewhere classified
N800 Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport
N810 Travel management
N820 Event management
N830 Tourism
N831 Tourism studies
N832 Tourism management
N850 Transport studies
N851 Land travel
N852 Sea travel
N853 Air travel
N860 Hospitality
N861 Hospitality studies
N862 Hospitality management
N870 Recreation & leisure studies
N871 Spa management
N872 Salon management
N880 Sport management
N890 Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport not elsewhere classified
N900 Others in business & administrative studies
N990 Business & administrative studies not elsewhere classified
N000 Business & administrative studies
P100 Information services
P110 Information management
P120 Librarianship
P121 Library studies
P130 Curatorial studies
P131 Museum studies
P132 Archive studies
P190 Information services not elsewhere classified
P200 Publicity studies
P210 Public relations
P290 Publicity studies not elsewhere classified
P300 Media studies
P301 Television studies
P302 Radio studies
P303 Film studies
P304 Electronic media studies
P305 Paper-based media studies
P310 Media production
P311 Television production
P312 Radio production
P313 Film production
P390 Media studies not elsewhere classified
P400 Publishing
P410 Electronic publishing
P411 Publishing on audio/video tape
P412 Publishing on CD-ROM
P413 Publishing via the World Wide Web
P420 Multimedia publishing
P430 Interactive publishing
P490 Publishing not elsewhere classified
P500 Journalism
P510 Factual reporting
P590 Journalism not elsewhere classified
P900 Others in mass communications & documentation
P990 Mass communications & documentation not elsewhere classified
P000 Mass communications & documentation
Q100 Linguistics
Q110 Applied linguistics
Q120 Historical linguistics
Q130 Phonetics & phonology
Q131 Phonetics
Q132 Phonology
Q140 Sociolinguistics
Q150 Psycholinguistics
Q160 British Sign Language
Q190 Linguistics not elsewhere classified
Q200 Comparative literary studies
Q210 Literature in translation
Q220 Literature in its original language
Q290 Comparative literary studies not elsewhere classified
Q300 English studies
Q310 English language
Q320 English literature
Q321 English literature by period
Q322 English literature by author
Q323 English literature by topic
Q330 English as a second language
Q340 English literature written as a second language
Q350 Scots language
Q360 Scots literature
Q370 Irish language
Q380 Irish literature
Q390 English studies not elsewhere classified
Q400 Ancient language studies
Q410 Ancient Egyptian
Q411 Coptic
Q420 Classical Arabic
Q430 Akkadian
Q440 Sumerian
Q450 Sanskrit
Q460 Prakrit
Q470 Aramaic
Q480 Hebrew
Q490 Ancient language studies not elsewhere classified
Q500 Celtic studies
Q510 Ancient Celtic studies
Q520 Modern Celtic studies
Q521 Goidelic group of languages
Q522 Brythonic group of languages
Q530 Scottish Gaelic
Q531 Scottish Gaelic literature
Q540 Irish Gaelic
Q541 Irish Gaelic literature
Q550 Manx
Q551 Manx literature
Q560 Welsh
Q561 Welsh literature
Q570 Cornish
Q571 Cornish literature
Q580 Breton
Q581 Breton literature
Q590 Celtic studies not elsewhere classified
Q600 Latin studies
Q610 Latin language
Q611 Church Latin
Q612 Medieval Latin
Q620 Latin literature
Q630 Latin literature in translation
Q690 Latin studies not elsewhere classified
Q700 Classical Greek studies
Q710 Classical Greek language
Q711 Classical Church Greek
Q712 Late Greek
Q720 Classical Greek literature
Q730 Classical Greek literature in translation
Q790 Classical Greek studies not elsewhere classified
Q800 Classical studies
Q810 Classical reception
Q890 Classical studies not elsewhere classified
Q900 Others in linguistics, classics & related subjects
Q910 Translation studies
Q920 Translation theory
Q990 Linguistics, classics & related subjects not elsewhere classified
Q000 Linguistics, classics & related subjects
R100 French studies
R110 French language
R120 French literature
R130 French society & culture
R190 French studies not elsewhere classified
R200 German studies
R210 German language
R220 German literature
R230 German society & culture
R290 German studies not elsewhere classified
R300 Italian studies
R310 Italian language
R320 Italian literature
R330 Italian society & culture
R390 Italian studies not elsewhere classified
R400 Spanish studies
R410 Spanish language
R411 Spanish languages in other countries
R420 Spanish literature
R430 Spanish society & culture
R490 Spanish studies not elsewhere classified
R500 Portuguese studies
R510 Portuguese language
R511 Portuguese languages in other countries
R520 Portuguese literature
R530 Portuguese society & culture
R590 Portuguese studies not elsewhere classified
R600 Scandinavian studies
R610 Scandinavian languages
R611 Swedish language
R612 Norwegian language
R613 Finnish language
R614 Danish language
R620 Scandinavian literature
R621 Swedish literature
R622 Norwegian literature
R623 Finnish literature
R624 Danish literature
R630 Scandinavian society & culture
R631 Swedish society & culture
R632 Norwegian society & culture
R633 Finnish society & culture
R634 Danish society & culture
R690 Scandinavian studies not elsewhere classified
R700 Russian & East European studies
R701 Russian studies
R702 Czech studies
R703 Polish studies
R704 Belarusian studies
R705 Bulgarian studies
R706 Hungarian studies
R707 Romanian studies
R708 Slovak studies
R709 Ukrainian studies
R710 Russian & East European languages
R711 Russian language
R712 Polish language
R713 Czech language
R720 Russian & east European Literature
R721 Russian literature
R722 Polish literature
R723 Czech literature
R730 Russian & east European society & culture
R731 Russian society & culture
R732 Polish society & culture
R733 Czech society & culture
R790 Russian & east European studies not elsewhere classified
R800 European studies
R900 Others in European languages, literature & related subjects
R910 Other European languages
R911 Dutch
R912 Flemish
R920 Other European literature
R930 Other European societies & cultures
R990 European languages, literature & related subjects not elsewhere classified
R000 European languages, literature & related subjects
T100 Chinese studies
T110 Chinese language studies
T120 Chinese literature studies
T130 Chinese society & culture studies
T190 Chinese studies not elsewhere classified
T200 Japanese studies
T210 Japanese language studies
T220 Japanese literature studies
T230 Japanese society & culture studies
T290 Japanese studies not elsewhere classified
T300 South Asian studies
T310 South Asian language studies
T311 Indian language studies
T312 Pakistani language studies
T313 Sri Lankan language studies
T314 Bangladeshi language studies
T315 Nepali language studies
T320 South Asian literature studies
T321 Indian literature studies
T322 Pakistani literature studies
T323 Sri Lankan literature studies
T324 Bangladeshi literature studies
T325 Nepali literature studies
T330 South Asian society & culture studies
T331 Indian society & culture studies
T332 Pakistani society & culture studies
T333 Sri Lankan society & culture studies
T334 Bangladeshi society & culture studies
T335 Nepali society & culture studies
T390 South Asian studies not elsewhere classified
T400 Other Asian studies
T410 Other Asian language studies
T411 East Asian language studies
T412 South East Asian language studies
T420 Other Asian literature studies
T421 East Asian literature studies
T422 South East Asian literature studies
T430 Other Asian society & culture studies
T431 East Asian society & culture studies
T432 South East Asian society & culture studies
T490 Other Asian studies not elsewhere classified
T500 African studies
T510 African language studies
T511 Eastern African language studies
T512 Central African language studies
T513 Northern African language studies
T514 Southern African language studies
T515 Western African language studies
T520 African literature studies
T521 Eastern African literature studies
T522 Central African literature studies
T523 Northern African literature studies
T524 Southern African literature studies
T525 Western African literature studies
T530 African society & culture studies
T531 Eastern African society & culture studies
T532 Central African society & culture studies
T533 Northern African society & culture studies
T534 Southern African society & culture studies
T535 Western African society & culture studies
T590 African studies not elsewhere classified
T600 Modern Middle Eastern studies
T610 Modern Middle Eastern language studies
T611 Arabic language studies
T612 Modern Standard Arabic language studies
T613 Persian language studies
T614 Modern Hebrew language studies
T615 Kurdish language studies
T616 Turkish language studies
T620 Modern Middle Eastern literature studies
T621 Arabic literature studies
T623 Persian literature studies
T624 Modern Hebrew literature studies
T625 Kurdish literature studies
T626 Turkish literature studies
T630 Modern Middle Eastern society & culture studies
T631 Arab society & culture studies
T633 Persian society & culture studies
T634 Modern Hebrew society & culture studies
T635 Kurdish society & culture studies
T636 Turkish society & culture studies
T690 Modern Middle Eastern studies not elsewhere classified
T700 American studies
T710 American language studies
T711 Latin American language studies
T712 United States language studies
T713 Canadian language studies
T714 Caribbean language studies
T720 American literature studies
T721 Latin American literature studies
T722 United States literature studies
T723 Canadian literature studies
T724 Caribbean literature studies
T730 American society & culture studies
T731 Latin American society & culture studies
T732 United States society & culture studies
T733 Canadian society & culture studies
T734 Caribbean society & culture studies
T790 American studies not elsewhere classified
T800 Australasian studies
T810 Australasian language studies
T820 Australasian literature studies
T830 Australasian society & culture studies
T890 Australasian studies not elsewhere classified
T900 Others in Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages, literature & related subjects
T910 Others in Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages
T920 Others in Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian literature
T930 Others in Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian societies & culture
T990 Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages, literature
T000 Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages, literature & related subjects
V100 History by period
V140 Modern history
V141 Modern history 1500-1599
V142 Modern history 1600-1699
V143 Modern history 1700-1799
V144 Modern history 1800-1899
V145 Modern history 1900-1919
V146 Modern history 1920-1949
V147 Modern history 1950-1999
V148 Modern history 2000-2099
V150 Medieval history
V160 Ancient history
V161 Late Antique history
V190 History by period not elsewhere classified
V200 History by area
V210 British history
V211 Irish history
V212 Scottish history
V213 Welsh history
V214 English history
V220 European history
V221 French history
V222 German history
V223 Italian history
V224 Iberian history
V225 Russian history
V230 American history
V231 Canadian history
V232 USA history
V233 South American history
V234 Central American history
V240 Asian history
V241 Chinese history
V242 Indian history
V243 South East Asian history
V244 Byzantine History
V250 African history
V251 North African history
V252 Central African history
V253 Southern African history
V254 East African history
V255 West African history
V260 Australasian history
V261 Australian history
V262 New Zealand history
V270 World history
V271 International history
V290 History by area not elsewhere classified
V300 History by topic
V310 Economic history
V320 Social history
V321 Local history
V322 Oral history
V323 Family history
V324 Crime history
V330 History of religions
V340 Intellectual history
V350 History of art
V360 History of architecture
V370 History of design
V380 History of science
V381 History of physics
V382 History of chemistry
V383 History of mathematics
V384 History of medicine
V390 History by topic not elsewhere classified
V391 Military history
V400 Archaeology
V410 Egyptology
V420 Stone Age
V430 Bronze Age
V440 Iron Age
V450 Archaeological conservation
V460 Archaeological techniques
V470 Classical art & archaeology
V471 Roman art & archaeology
V472 Greek art & archaeology
V490 Archaeology not elsewhere classified
V500 Philosophy
V510 Metaphysics
V511 Epistemology
V520 Moral philosophy
V530 Scholastic philosophy
V540 Social philosophy
V550 Philosophy of science
V560 Mental philosophy
V590 Philosophy not elsewhere classified
V600 Theology & religious studies
V610 Theology
V620 Religious studies
V621 Christian studies
V622 Islamic studies
V623 Judaism
V624 Hinduism
V625 Buddhism
V626 Other Asian religious studies
V627 Comparative religious studies
V630 Divinity
V640 Religious writings
V641 The Bible & Christian texts
V642 The Qur'an & Islamic texts
V643 The Torah & Judaic texts
V644 Asian religious texts
V645 Comparative religious texts
V650 Pastoral studies
V690 Theology & religious studies not elsewhere classified
V700 Heritage studies
V710 Heritage theory
V720 Heritage site management
V730 Natural heritage
V731 Coastal heritage management
V740 Visitor management including interpretation
V750 Oral history, heritage & genealogy
V900 Others in historical & philosophical studies
V990 Historical & philosophical studies not elsewhere classified
V000 Historical & philosophical studies
W100 Fine art
W110 Drawing
W120 Painting
W130 Sculpture
W140 Printmaking
W150 Calligraphy
W160 Fine art conservation
W190 Fine art not elsewhere classified
W200 Design studies
W210 Graphic design
W211 Typography
W212 Multimedia design
W213 Visual communication
W220 Illustration
W230 Clothing/fashion design
W231 Textile design
W240 Industrial/product design
W250 Interior design
W260 Furniture design
W270 Ceramics design
W280 Interactive & electronic design
W290 Design studies not elsewhere classified
W300 Music
W310 Musicianship/performance studies
W311 Instrumental or vocal performance
W312 Musical theatre
W313 Conducting
W314 Jazz performance
W315 Popular music performance
W316 Electronic/electro-acoustic music performance
W317 Historical performance practice
W320 Music education/teaching
W330 History of music
W340 Types of music
W341 Popular music
W342 Film music/screen music
W343 Jazz
W344 Folk music
W345 Opera
W346 Sacred music
W350 Musicology
W351 Ethnomusicology/world music
W352 Community music
W353 Music & gender
W354 Philosophy, aesthetics & criticism of music
W355 Music psychology
W356 Music theory & analysis
W357 Sociology of music
W360 Musical instrument history
W370 Music technology & industry
W371 Sound design/commercial music recording
W372 Creative music technology
W373 Electro-acoustic studies
W374 Music production
W375 Music management/music industry management/arts management
W376 Music marketing
W380 Composition
W381 Electracoustic composition/acousmatic composition
W382 Sonic arts
W383 Electronic music
W384 Applied music/musicianship
W385 Commercial music composition
W386 Multimedia music composition
W387 Jazz composition
W388 Popular music composition
W390 Music not elsewhere classified
W400 Drama
W410 Acting
W420 Directing for theatre
W430 Producing for theatre
W440 Theatre studies
W441 Theatre & professional practice
W442 Contemporary theatre
W443 Technical arts & special effects for theatre
W450 Stage management
W451 Theatrical wardrobe design
W452 Theatrical make-up
W453 Technical stage management
W460 Theatre design
W461 Stage design
W470 Performance & live arts
W471 European/world theatre arts
W472 Circus arts
W473 Community theatre
W490 Drama not elsewhere classified
W500 Dance
W510 Choreography
W520 Body awareness
W530 History of dance
W531 Dance & culture
W532 Community dance
W540 Types of dance
W541 Ballet
W542 Dance theatre
W543 Contemporary dance
W544 Jazz dance
W550 Dance performance
W590 Dance not elsewhere classified
W600 Cinematics & photography
W610 Moving image techniques
W611 Directing motion pictures
W612 Producing motion pictures
W613 Film & sound recording
W614 Visual & audio effects
W615 Animation techniques
W620 Cinematography
W630 History of cinematics & photography
W631 History of cinematics
W632 History of photography
W640 Photography
W690 Cinematics & photography not elsewhere classified
W700 Crafts
W710 Fabric & leather crafts
W711 Needlecraft
W712 Dressmaking
W713 Soft furnishing
W714 Weaving
W715 Leatherwork
W720 Metal crafts
W721 Silversmithing/goldsmithing
W722 Blacksmithing
W723 Clock/watchmaking
W730 Wood crafts
W731 Carpentry/joinery
W732 Cabinet making
W733 Marquetry & inlaying
W734 Veneering
W740 Surface decoration
W750 Clay & stone crafts
W751 Pottery
W752 Tile making
W753 Stone crafts
W760 Reed crafts
W761 Basketry
W762 Thatching
W770 Glass crafts
W771 Glassblowing
W780 Paper crafts
W781 Bookbinding
W782 Origami
W790 Crafts not elsewhere classified
W800 Imaginative writing
W810 Scriptwriting
W820 Poetry writing
W830 Prose writing
W890 Imaginative writing not elsewhere classified
W900 Others in creative arts & design
W990 Creative arts & design not elsewhere classified
W000 Creative arts & design
X100 Training teachers
X110 Training teachers - nursery
X120 Training teachers - primary
X121 Training teachers - infant (key stage 1)
X122 Training teachers - junior (key stage 2)
X130 Training teachers - secondary
X131 Training teachers - key stage 3
X132 Training teachers - key stage 4
X140 Training teachers - tertiary
X141 Training teachers - further education
X142 Training teachers - higher education
X150 Training teachers - adult education
X151 Training teachers - coaching
X160 Training teachers - specialist
X161 Training teachers - special needs
X162 Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
X190 Training teachers not elsewhere classified
X200 Research & study skills in education
X210 Research skills
X220 Study skills
X290 Research & study skills in education not elsewhere classified
X300 Academic studies in education
X310 Academic studies in nursery education
X320 Academic studies in primary education
X330 Academic studies in secondary education
X340 Academic studies in tertiary education
X341 Academic studies in further education
X342 Academic studies in higher education
X350 Academic studies in adult education
X360 Academic studies in specialist education
X370 Academic studies in education (across phases)
X390 Academic studies in education not elsewhere classified
X900 Others in education
X990 Education not elsewhere classified
X000 Education
Y000 Combined/general subject unspecified

Dependent fields

  • XJACSA01
  • XJACS201

Depend upon fields


Additional information

The datasets tables Cyy051_SJ (for the Student record) and Cyy054_SJ (for the AP student record) are the JACS subject by full person equivalent (FPE) tables, that hold merged subject data from the appropriate Course and CourseSubject records apportioned using the HESA 'combination splitter' methodology.

XJACS01 takes the base fields from the CourseSubject entity for the applicable record and derives its value based on entries in Course.COURSEAIM and Course.TTCID, and additionally weights allocation to education subjects as defined by the methodology.

XFPE01 apportions the subjects to a nominal FPE, according to the number of subjects submitted per Course and the weighting allocated to a Course's subjects.

From 2012/13 the underlying JACS subject coding frame adopted the JACS3 subject codes.

Technical Specification

The creation of the _SJ tables depends on de-duplication to ensure that all Courses are unique, and that Instances contain a COURSEID submitted on Course (i.e. that exception checks that test for de-duplication and Course linkage have run, and have not been switched).

Both tables hold the CourseSubject data apportioned using the field CourseSubject.SBJPCNT.


For each InstanceKEY linked to a course where the CourseSubject entity exists, create a record in the _SJ table with a total FPE of 100.000.

Join Instance to Course to CourseSubject where:
Instance.UKPRN=Course.UKPRN and
Instance.COURSEID=Course.COURSEID and
Course.UKPRN=CourseSubject.UKPRN and

For each completed CourseSubject entity create a record containing the fields from that entity, plus Instance.InstanceKEY, Instance.COURSEID, XFPE01, XJACS01, XJACSA01 and XJACS201 calculated as per the specification, following the 'combination splitter' methodology below.


For each InstanceKEY on the Instance_End table for the collection, which can linked to a course where the CourseSubject entity exists, create a record in the _SJ table with a total FPE of 100.000.

Join Instance_End to Course to CourseSubject where:
Instance_End.UKPRN=Course.UKPRN and
Instance_End.COURSEID=Course.COURSEID and
Course.UKPRN=CourseSubject.UKPRN and

For each completed CourseSubject entity create a record containing the fields from that entity, plus Instance_End.InstanceKEY, Instance_End.COURSEID, UKPRN, XFPE01, XJACS01, XJACSA01, XJACS201 and XUHN01 calculated as per the specification, following the 'combination splitter' methodology below.

i) The course being followed is a PGCE (level H or M)
If the course being followed is a PGCE (indicated by Course.COURSEAIM and Course.TTCID) then 100% FPE is allocated to an education subject code. If any SBJCA already contains a code beginning X1 that code should be used for XJACS01, otherwise X100 is used. If an instance meets the condition of H71 or M71 and is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) and more than one subject is returned in SBJCA:
- and one SBJCA has a SUBSTR(CourseSubject.SBJCA,2)='X1', then take this SBJCA as the XJACS01 record.
- and more than one SBJCA has a SUBSTR(CourseSubject.SBJCA,2)='X1', then take the SBJCA closest to X100 as the XJACS01 record:

Course. COURSEAIM Course. TTCID Course Subject. SBJCA XJACS01 VARCHAR2(4) XFPE01 VARCHAR2(7) No. of records/ COURSE SBJKEY
H71, M71 1, 2, Q If any SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)=X1 SBJCA 100.000 1 record
H71, M71 1, 2, Q If all SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)!=X1 X100 100.000 1 record
H71, M71 !=1, 2, Q, (Or is null) See ii), iii) or iv) 'Otherwise' rows, depending on the number of CourseSubject entities returned

ii) One CourseSubject entity returned for this Course
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) and SBJCA contains a code beginning X1, that code should be used for XJACS01 with 100% FPE allocation.
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) but SBJCA does not contain a code beginning X1 then 50% FPE is allocated to X100 and 50% is allocated to the subject code in SBJCA.
For non-ITT courses the subject and percentage are recorded as supplied:

Course. COURSEAIM Course. TTCID Course Subject. SBJCA XJACS01 VARCHAR2(4) XFPE01 VARCHAR2(7) No. of records/ COURSE SBJKEY
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)=X1 SBJCA(1) 100.000 1 record
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)!=X1 X100 050.000 2 records
SBJCA(1) 050.000
Otherwise (inc. null) Otherwise SBJCA(1) SBJPCNT(1)* 1 record

* Note: If Business rule is switched, this can be <100.000

iii) Two CourseSubject entities returned for this Course
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) and either SBJCA contains a code beginning X1, that code should be used for one of the XJACS01 codes with 50% FPE allocation, and 50% allocated to the other subject code in SBJCA. (If both SBJCA codes begin X1 each will be allocated 50%).
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) but neither SBJCA contains a code beginning X1 then 50% FPE is allocated to X100 and the remaining 50% is split between the two SBJCA codes.
For non-ITT courses the subject and percentage are recorded as supplied:

Course. COURSEAIM Course. TTCID Course Subject. SBJCA XJACS01 VARCHAR2(4) XFPE01 VARCHAR2(7)
(Truncated to 3.d.p where calculation is in excess of this)
No. of records/ COURSE SBJKEY
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)=X1 SBJCA(1) 050.000 2 records
SBJCA(2) 050.000
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)!=X1 X100 050.000 3 records
Otherwise (inc. null) Otherwise SBJCA(1) SBJPCNT(1) 2 records

iv) Three CourseSubject entities returned for this Course
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) and any SBJCA contains a code beginning X1, that code should be used for one of the XJACS01 codes with 50% FPE allocation, and the remaining 50% is split between the two SBJCA codes. (If more than one SBJCA code begins X1, the code nearest to X100 should be allocated 50%), and the remaining 50% is split between the two SBJCA codes.
If the course being followed is ITT (indicated by Course.TTCID) but none of SBJCA contains a code beginning X1 then 50% FPE is allocated to X100 and the remaining 50% is split between the three SBJCA codes.
For non-ITT courses the subject and percentage are recorded as supplied:

Course. COURSEAIM Course. TTCID Course Subject. SBJCA XJACS01 VARCHAR2(4) XFPE01 VARCHAR2(7)
(Truncated to 3.d.p where calculation is in excess of this)
No. of records/ COURSE SBJKEY
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)=X1 SBJCA(1) Nearest to X100 050.000 3 records
SBJCA(2) ((SBJPCNT(2) *100)/ (SBJPCNT(2) + SBJPCNT(3)))/2
SBJCA(3) ((SBJPCNT(3) *100)/ (SBJPCNT(2) + SBJPCNT(3)))/2
1, 2, Q SUBSTR (SBJCA,2)!=X1 X100 050.000 4 records
Otherwise (inc. null) Otherwise SBJCA(1) SBJPCNT(1) 3 records
SBJCA(3) SBJPCNT(3) 3 records

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-11-03 3.6.1 Technical specification updated to revert the form of the Cyy054_SJ table to that of version 3.3.1 and before, requiring InstanceKEY to be present. Technical specification updated to reflect the deletion of Course.TTCID valid entries 8 and G in the list of codes that define ITT in sections i to iv.
2016-11-01 3.5.2 Technical specification updated to add an instruction to the XFPE01 header column of scenarios 'iii' and 'iv', stating that where the calculation results in a value in excess of three decimal places, the results should be truncated. This step was not previously explicit.
2015-07-07 3.5.1 Technical specification updated to split the creation of the Cyy054_SJ table out from that of the Cyy051_SJ table, as the Cyy054_SJ table need not be created on a per-InstanceKEY basis, and the method for creation is now correspondingly different.
2014-10-16 3.4.1 Technical specification updated to reflect the addition of Course.TTCID valid entry Q, and the deletion of valid entries L, M, N and P, in the list of codes that define ITT in sections i) to iv). Change to function. Additional information section amended to allow for the use of this field in the Cyy054 AP student record.
2013-09-30 3.3.1 Minor typographical edits to two valid entry labels for consistency with other labels. C900 and I900 now use lower case throughout. Technical specification updated to reflect the addition of Course.TTCID valid entries L, M, N and P, and the deletion of J and K, in the list of codes that define ITT in sections i) to iv). Change to function.
2013-04-08 3.2.1 Technical specification change to include Course.TTCID codes G, H, J and K in the list of codes that define ITT in sections i) to iv). Change to function.)
2013-01-11 3.1.1 Switch of JACS codes to the version 3.0 coding frame. Added XJACSLEV101, XJACSLEV201, and XJACSLEV301 to list of dependent fields.)
2010-04-09 2.1.1 Added XJACSA01, XJACS201 and new Instance.COURSEID to technical specification)
2009-10-30 1.2.2 Technical specification text clarified for PGCE courses where more than one subject is returned in SBJCA. This matches the existing function. No change to function required

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