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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Geographic region of student nationality XNATGR01 1.6.1 4 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
GRGB United Kingdom
GREU Geographic region - Other European Union
GRAF Geographic region - Africa
GRAS Geographic region - Asia
GRAU Geographic region - Australasia
GRME Geographic region - Middle East
GRNA Geographic region - North America
GROE Geographic region - Other Europe
GRSA Geographic region - South America
GRZZ Unknown/Stateless/Not applicable

Dependent fields

    Depend upon fields

    • NATION

    Additional information

    This field groups student nationality information (Student.NATION) into geographic regions. The regions are similar to those in the equivalent derived field for EntryProfile.DOMICILE, XDOMGR01.

    For HESA analysis purposes the Channel Island Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, and the Isle of Man, are grouped into the UK geographic region. (Officially, these Crown Dependencies are not part of the UK or the EU).

    The codes are derived from an overseas look-up table, provided by Data Management, which groups domiciles into regions. Nationalities which are not included in the domicile overseas look-up table, or require a different specification grouping, are dealt with first in the technical specification.

    The former European countries of XM Czechoslovakia not otherwise specified, QN Serbia and Montenegro not otherwise specified, XN Union of Soviet Socialist Republics not otherwise specified and XO Yugoslavia not otherwise specified are valid codes for nationality, and have been assigned to GROE Geographic region - Other Europe. IO British Indian Ocean Territory is a valid code for nationality, and has been assigned to GRAU Geographic region - Australasia, consistent with the mapping of other countries within this geographical region, as informed by the National Statistics Country Classification (NSCC) 2006 ( country-classification/index.html).

    Technical Specification

    The specification is hierarchical. Initially assign a region to codes that have a different grouping requirement than those mapped by the overseas lookup table, or which do not exist in the table, and then use the table to assign regions.

    XNATGR01 may output a null value. This is an error, highlighting that a value in the collection's NATION field is not contained in the T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9 lookup table's F_DOMICILE_ISO column. This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.

    Student.NATION XNATGR01
    AA, ZZ, null GRZZ

    Revision history

    Date Version Notes
    2016-09-12 1.6.1 Technical specification revised to update references to T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8, which has been replaced by T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V9).
    2014-02-22 1.5.1 Technical specification updated for new version of the overseas lookup table - T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V6 replaced with T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8. This revision reallocates the region associated with Croatia from GROE to GREU. Technical specification amended to output Null in the event of no entry being found in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V8. This is consistent with behaviour in other derived fields, and prevents the function from failing.
    2012-02-17 1.4.1 Technical specification: Updated for new version of the overseas lookup table - T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V5 replaced with T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V6. Minor spelling errors corrected in Additional Information and Technical Specification with no change to either meaning or function.
    2011-06-10 1.3.1 Addition to Technical specification. As Student.NATION has a minimum occurrence of 0, null added to Student.NATION values to derive to GRZZ. Added 'Not applicable' to valid entry label for GRZZ
    2011-03-01 1.2.1 Added Technical specification step - that function will fail if Student.NATION value cannnot be found in T_OVERSEAS_LOOKUP_V5.ISO_DOMICILE
    2011-01-31 1.1.1 Created

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