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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Staff atypical full-person equivalent activity by cost centre XSAFPE01 2.1.3 7 Char

Dependent fields

  • none

Depend upon fields

  • XPOPPA01
  • XSFTE01

Additional information

The datasets table Cyy025_CC is the cost centre table created as part of the HESA Staff record.

This field is created as a subsequent pass through the Cyy025_CC table (the first pass populating with ContractKEY, ACTSOC, CCENTRE and XSFTE01), calculating XSAFPE01 for atypical staff.

XSAFPE01 uses the Staff contract full-time equivalence (FTE) to apportion full-person equivalence (FPE) across activities and cost centres, for staff with only atypical contracts.

Technical Specification

This table holds cost centre data created from the Staff Contract entity for XSAFPE01, as follows:

(Note: This field is conditional on the prior creation of XSFTE01).

* Subsequent pass (though the Cy025_CC table) to calculate XSAFPE01 for staff with only atypical contracts as follows:

If Person.XPOPPA01 = '0', or SUM(XSFTE01) = 000.0, then XSAFPE01 = 000.000
else XSAFPE01 = ROUND(XSFTE01/SUM(XSFTE01 for all activities across all contracts for that Person.PersonKEY)*100)

* This is a subsequent 'pass' in the creation of the cost centre table and dependent upon 'Pass' 1 as specified in XSFTE01.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2014-07-31 2.1.3 Correction of references to CONKEY and PERKEY fields to ContractKEY and PersonKEY respectively. These field names changed for C13025. No change to function)
2013-04-18 2.1.2 Amendment of the text in the technical specification to align the specification of the XSAFPE01 denominator with that used in the function. No change to function)
2013-03-01 2.1.1 Separation of XSAFPE01 from previous XSFTE01_XSFPE01_XSAFPE01 combined field specification. Technical specification revised for creation using C12025 XML structure and fields)
2009-07-23 1.1.2 Removal of text referring to creation of CHECKSUM as this is not part of the derive process
2007-07-17 1.1.1 Created

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