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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Staff full-person equivalent activity by cost centre XSFPE01 2.1.3 7 Char

Dependent fields

  • none

Depend upon fields

  • XPOPC01
  • XSFTE01

Additional information

The datasets table Cyy025_CC is the cost centre table created as part of the HESA Staff record.

This field is created as a subsequent pass through the Cyy025_CC table (the first pass populating with ContractKEY, ACTSOC, CCENTRE and XSFTE01), calculating XSFPE01 for non-atypical staff.

XSFPE01 uses the Staff contract full-time equivalence (FTE) to apportion full-person equivalence (FPE) across activities and cost centres, for staff with non-atypical contracts.

Technical Specification

This table holds cost centre data created from the Staff Contract entity for XSFPE01, as follows:

(Note: This field is conditional on the prior creation of XSFTE01).

* Subsequent pass (through the Cyy025_CC table) to calculate XSFPE01 for staff with non-atypical contracts as follows:

If Contract.XPOPC01 = '0', or SUM(XSFTE01) = 000.0, then XSFPE01 = 000.000
else XSFPE01 = ROUND((XSFTE01/SUM(XSFTE01 for all activities across all contracts for that Person.PersonKEY where XPOPC01='1')*100)

* This is a subsequent 'pass' in the creation of the cost centre table and dependent upon 'Pass' 1 as specified in XSFTE01.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2014-07-31 2.1.3 Correction of references to CONKEY and PERKEY fields to ContractKEY and PersonKEY respectively. These field names changed for C13025. No change to function)
2013-04-18 2.1.2 Amendment of the text in the technical specification to align the specification of the XSFPE01 denominator with that used in the function. No change to function)
2013-03-01 2.1.1 Separation of XSFPE01 from previous XSFTE01_XSFPE01_XSAFPE01 combined field specification. Technical specification revised for creation using C12025 XML structure and fields)
2009-07-23 1.1.2 Removal of text referring to creation of CHECKSUM as this is not part of the derive process
2007-07-17 1.1.1 Created

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