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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Last year in which an Entry Profile for a UHN was supplied to HESA (Processing) XEPYEAR01 2.2.1 4 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
9999 Not known - legacy dormant record
. or a 4 digit year

Dependent fields

  • None

Depend upon fields

  • None

Additional information

The purpose of this derived field is to indicate the year an Entry Profile record was supplied to HESA. Entry Profile records are linked to submitted records through the use of the UHN link - the combination of UKPRN, HUSID and NUMHUS fields which together denote a unique student instance.

9999 is a valid code on the Continuity register for legacy dormant records.

Technical Specification

When an Entry Profile is supplied for a continuing student, XEPYEAR01 is populated with a four digit year value based upon the reporting year, regardless of whether or not the elements in the Entry Profile have changed. The value should be the first year of the reporting period, i.e. 2015 for 2015/16.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-01-12 2.2.1 Technical specification updated to unambiguously express the value that should be created in this field. No change to function
2014-10-16 2.1.2 Long name of field changed to refer to 'UHN' rather than 'HIN', with reference made in the Additional information section to what this is. Reference in this section to the 'HIN_EP register' changed to 'Continuity register' to reflect a change in name from 2014/15 onwards
2011-09-07 2.1.1 Valid entry 9999 Not known - legacy dormant record added, as this is a valid code on the HIN_EP register for legacy dormant records. Also noted in Additional information
2010-04-09 1.1.4 Technical specification updated to clarify that XEPYEAR is updated when an Entry Profile is supplied, regardless of whether elements have changed
2009-07-16 1.1.3 Text amended in Technical specification - no change to function
2009-03-20 1.1.2 Format amended
2007-01-01 1.1.1 Created

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