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Graduate Outcomes Survey Results record 2019/20

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SIC and SOC data supply

Version 1.0 Produced 2020-10-28

The Data supply - SIC and SOC table is supplied in TSV and XML formats.

The following links takes you to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) and the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC 2020).

Also, the following link takes you to the current used in classifying occupational information.

The tables contain the following types of field:

  • Cyy051/Cyy054.InstanceKEY is a unique key for every student instance within the database used to link records across tables.

File structure of the report

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Provider.UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number UKPRN 8
Graduate.GraduateKEY Unique key for every Graduate instance GRADUATEKEY 25
Graduate.HUSID HESA unique graduate identifier HUSID 13
Graduate.FEPUSID FE Unique student identifier FEPUSID 12
Student instance identifier NUMHUS 20
Unique key for every student instance INSTANCEKEY 13
ILRKEY Individualised learner record ILRKEY 25
Provider.RECID HESA record type indicator RECID 5
Provider.CENSUS Census CENSUS 3
Provider's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
Provider's own instance identifier OWNINST 30
ACTIVITYTYPE SelfEmployment or Employment marker1 ACTIVITYTYPE 1
ZCHREGNO Companies House registration number type ZCHREGNO 8
ZNOEMPBAND Number of employees banding ZNOEMPBAND 1
ZSUPPPCODE Supplemental employer postcode ZSUPPPCODE 8
ZSUPPEMPNAME Supplemental employer name ZSUPPEMPNAME 60
ZSIC2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) code ZSIC2007 5
ZSOC2020 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC2020) ZSOC2020 4


(1) Multiple instances for a graduate may be found in the SIC and SOC report due to them having two activities. For example, a graduate with one employment and one self-employment activity, will have two instances coded for SIC and SOC and will therefore appear twice in the dataset. ACTIVITYTYPE. To distinguish the type of activity the graduate is undertaking you can use the codes detailed below.

Field attributes:

Field name Code
ActivityType 0 (Self employed/ Own Business/ Portfolio)
1 (Employed/ Voluntary)

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