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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Country of higher education provider XINSTC01 1.18.1 1 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
E England
S Scotland
W Wales
N Northern Ireland

Dependent fields

  • XDOMHM01

Depend upon fields


Additional information

This field presents a country of location using the postcode (unit level) of the higher education provider's (HEP) administrative centre. Lookup tables derive country using Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

The allocation of a HEP to a country relates only to its administrative centre. There may be students registered at a HEP who are studying in countries other than that of the administrative centre.

This field derives the Open University to England. Although the Open University teaches throughout the UK, their administrative centre is located in England. In HESA analyses the Open University is often displayed separately.

The HESA Data Management STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP lookup table is updated with the Office for National Statistics Postcode Directory (ONSPD) in November, May and August each reporting year. However, HESA would not expect the Country of higher education provider to change within a HESA reporting year. Consequently this specification is updated only to coincide with the August ONSPD, with the suffix '_(Y2)AUG', with no subsequent updates for collections within the same reporting year.

If analysis of Country of higher education provider for Graduate Outcomes does not require the Open University to be split by national centres link to this Student/Student Alternative derived field. If an Open University split by national centres is required link to the Student derived field XINSTCOU01.

The August ONSPD update is used to ensure that all postcodes valid in a reporting period can be validated during submission. The static data postcode lookup tables provided by Data Management are updated with the August ONSPD when it becomes available, in addition to the November and May postcodes loaded earlier in the reporting year.

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2020
Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2020
Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0

Geographical mappings for Northern Ireland are based upon Crown Copyright and are reproduced with the permission of Land & Property Services under delegated authority from the Keeper of Public Records, © Crown copyright and database right 2020. NIMA MOU577.4

Technical Specification

Please note: In the following specification, the table suffix '_(Y2)AUG' refers to a year-specific reference derived from the reporting year. For 2013/14, Y1 is 13 and Y2 is 14, thus for 2013/14 the table suffix would be 14AUG, and for 2014/15 the suffix would be 15AUG, and so on.

The HESA Data Management STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG table is created as part of the processing of the ONS postcode data loaded into Oracle. It uses the value for main campus postcode from the HESA Contacts database.

All valid UKPRNs (UK Provider Reference Numbers) must be added to the HESA Data Management STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table in Oracle.

1. Where the UKPRN is found in the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG F_UKPRN column, then STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG F_CTRY is returned as XINSTC01.

2. Where the UKPRN is not found in STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG F_UKPRN column, then return Null as XINSTC01. This is an error, highlighting that a value in the collection's UKPRN field is not contained in the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table's F_UKPRN column. This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.

STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG table consists of 8 columns:
Column Description
F_HHESA HESA higher education provider identifier
F_OPOSTCODE Full postcode of higher education provider HQ
F_XDOMUC01 County/unitary authority of higher education provider
F_GOR Region of higher education provider
F_CTRY Country of higher education provider
F_CTRY_ISO Country of higher education provider (2-letter ISO-3166-1 format)
F_UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number
F_XPROVCAT Flag to identify the category the provider is subscribed under e.g England Approved, England Approved Fee Cap
UKPRN (as submitted in each collection) XINSTC01 (CHAR 1)

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2020-03-26 1.18.1 Technical specification updated to describe the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table correctly due to further changes made to the contents. The F_XPROVTYPE01 and F_XPARTCAT01 fields has been replaced with F_XPROVCAT. These fields are not used in the derivation of XINSTC01. Copyright information has also been added to the additional information section
2015-02-12 1.17.3 Technical specification updated to describe the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table correctly due to further changes made to the contents. The 'F_PROVIDER' field has been replaced with F_XPROVTYPE01 and F_XPARTCAT01. These fields are not used in the derivation of XINSTC01
2014-10-16 1.17.2 Additional information section amended to allow for the use of this field in the Cyy054 AP student record. Technical specification updated to describe the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table correctly in light of changes made to the contents
2014-08-27 1.17.1 Higher education provider (HEP) name change applied to field. Subsequent long name change. Valid entries changed to 'England', 'Wales', 'Scotland' and 'Northern Ireland' from 'English institution', 'Scottish institution' etc
2013-09-30 1.16.2 Table suffixes changed to be non-year specific, with explanatory sentence added
2013-02-06 1.16.1 Updated for new version of lookup 13AUG. Reference to XUKPRN01 in yy025 changed to UKRPN, as this field is now collected rather than derived. Second row added to Technical specification: Where the UKPRN value is not found in INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_13AUG F_UKPRN column, return Null as XINSTC01 as an error - rather than allowing the function to fail
2012-04-12 1.15.2 Reference to 'Government Office Region' changed to 'Region' in INSTHQPC column description following ONS policy change. No change to function or valid entries
2012-02-09 1.15.1 Updated for new version of lookup 12AUG
2011-08-31 1.14.2 Updated to clarify UKRPN for Cyy031
2011-04-13 1.14.1 Updated for new version of lookup 11AUG
2011-01-31 1.13.1 Updated for new version of lookup 11MAY
2010-10-01 1.12.3 yy042 added to technical specification header. No change to function
2010-06-24 1.12.2 Error handling clarified for circumstances where value not found in lookup table (Note to technical specification
2010-04-12 1.12.1 Using new lookup table - 10MAY
2009-11-01 1.11.1 Technical specification amended to reflect that Cyy031 uses UKPRN from 2008/09
2009-07-16 1.10.2 Removed yy018 from XUKPRN01 list as XINSTC01 not created for DLHE. Note added to Additional information for analysis of country of institution from DLHE record
2009-03-11 1.10.1 Using new lookup table - 09MAY. More comprehensive explanation of specification provided for return to institutions. Field type added
2008-10-13 1.9.2 Clarification of reporting period updates - once per reporting year using yyMAY
2008-03-01 1.9.1 Using new lookup table - 08 MAY
2007-03-01 1.8.1 Using new lookup table - 07MAY
2006-03-01 1.7.1 Using new lookup table - 06MAY
2005-07-07 1.5.1 Using new lookup table - May 2005
2005-01-06 1.4.1 Using new lookup table source
2004-05-11 1.3.1 Code modified to use updated lookup table (R36
2003-02-11 1.2.1 Code modified to use updated lookup table (R34
2002-04-18 1.1.2 Specification change; use lookup table
1998-10-07 1.1.1 Created
1994-01-01 1.9.3 Remove superfluous semicolons from valid entry list
1994-01-01 1.6.1 Using new lookup table - 05NOV
1994-01-01 1.5.2 Code simplified as country field is now one character length

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