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Provider profile 2020/21 - Academic HESA cost centre

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Provider profile 2020/21

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Academic HESA cost centre

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Short nameACCENTRE

This field describes the HESA cost centres of higher education provider (HEP).

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Compulsory for higher education providers (HEPs) in England. Compulsory for all HEPs in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that choose to return the academic department to HESA cost centre mapping. Not required for HEPs in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that choose not to return the mapping.

Valid entries and labels
101Clinical medicine
102Clinical dentistry
103Nursing & allied health professions
104Psychology & behavioural sciences
105Health & community studies
106Anatomy & physiology
107Pharmacy & pharmacology
108Sports science & leisure studies
109Veterinary science
110Agriculture, forestry & food science
111Earth, marine & environmental sciences
115General engineering
116Chemical engineering
117Mineral, metallurgy & materials engineering
118Civil engineering
119Electrical, electronic & computer engineering
120Mechanical, aero & production engineering
121IT, systems sciences & computer software engineering
123Architecture, built environment & planning
124Geography & environmental studies
125Area studies
127Anthropology & development studies
128Politics & international studies
129Economics & econometrics
131Social work & social policy
133Business & management studies
134Catering & hospitality management
136Continuing education
137Modern languages
138English language & literature
142Theology & religious studies
143Art & design
144Music, dance, drama & performing arts
145Media studies

For the purposes of the Provider profile record, assigning departments to academic cost centres should be done on the basis of the full-time equivalence of academic staff, rather than that of student numbers. This is consistent with the Office for Students guidance issued to HEPs in England in their previous allocation exercise.

There are five fundamental criteria for grouping departments into HESA cost centres, which are as follows:

  • Similar cost structures for teaching
  • Similar cost structures for research
  • Similar patterns for capital expenditure
  • Academic coherence in terms of the academic disciplines of staff
  • Similar rates of funding for research grants and contracts.

Cost centres should comprise groups of staff whose attributes and activities collectively satisfy all the above criteria.

It is recognised that exceptionally some members of academic staff will be allocated across multiple cost centres, and that consequently, assigning a department to a cost centre or cost centres will be based on an estimate of staff full-time equivalences across cost centres. It is emphasized, however, that the proportions of departments allocated to cost centres should sum to 100% across the record.

When taking decisions about the attribution of staff to academic cost centres, consideration should be given to the correspondence with the HESA Finance record or OfS annual financial return, whichever is applicable.

It is not expected that a HEP will have activity in all academic cost centres.

For those HEPs in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland wishing to make a return of academic department to cost centre mappings, the minimum requirement for such a return is that for each mapping, the fields AcademicCostCentres.ACCENTRE, AcademicCostCentres.DEPARTMENT, AcademicCostCentres.PROPACC and AcademicCostCentres.PROPDEPT must all be returned.

Academic cost centre data returned in the Cyy041 collection will be incorporated into COMMIT-stage quality rules for the Cyy051 Student, Cyy025 Staff and Cyy031 Finance returns. It is recommended that colleagues responsible for the Provider profile record liaise with those responsible for these other collections, to ensure all required cost centres are returned.

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Reason required To record HESA cost centres.
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Field length3
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
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Date modified2020-10-07
Change management notesGuidance regarding grouping departments into HESA cost centres and the attribution of staff to academic cost centres has been updated to provide greater clarity.

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