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Estates management 2020/21 - Support NIA associated with catering

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Estates management 2020/21

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Support NIA associated with catering

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Short nameSMNIACS

This field contains data about the Net Internal Area (NIA) of support space associated with catering. The value can be recorded to three decimal places.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).

UnitSquare metre (m²)

The NIA of all space associated with central catering, including any associated offices. The figure should also be included within Support offices NIA and Support not offices NIA as appropriate.

This would normally include catering preparation areas and seating and associated space. If the seating and associated space is not exclusively or primarily for catering-related purposes, then an apportionment of the space between space types is acceptable.

Central catering is defined as space that is provided for use by all users of the estate and would normally include activities such as central dining rooms, staff dining rooms, cafeteria and snack bars, licensed bars and central vending facilities. Providers should exclude Student Unions, which are returned under Non-residential NIA other. If the Student Union is either not owned by the provider or is not a subsidiary of it, it should be treated as a commercial space.

Where the associated costs, such as waste and energy cannot be separately identified for a commercial space area, NIA for the commercial space area should be included in the EMR under Total NIA commercial space (SMNIACT). Providers should return the commercial space area as per other areas under the appropriate space measurement field, in this case Support NIA associated with catering. Providers should also return the space under Total NIA commercial space. This way, the total commercial space area can be distinguished from Total NIA.

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Reason required Sector use and benchmarking.
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Field length11
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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Element: SMNIACS

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