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Student 2020/21 - Postcode Location

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Student 2020/21

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Postcode Location

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Short namePCODELOC

This field records the postcode for the location at which delivery is taking place.

Applicable toEngland

All DeliveryOrganisationAndLocation entities unless delivery is taking place outside the UK or via distance learning


A postcode is required for each organisation providing teaching unless the organisation is delivering the Course via distance learning or outside the UK.

In cases where the organisation is delivering learning at more than one location, the location where the majority of activity is undertaken should be recorded.

In the event that a full postcode is not known, providers may return just the outward part.

Letters within the postcode must be returned in upper case.

Where a generic code is used for the delivery organisation and the provision is delivered across multiple locations, making it burdensome to return the delivery location postcode, then the postcode does not need to completed.

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Reason required To give the Office for Students a geographical location at which the delivery is taking place for funding allocations, Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) metrics and regional profiles to identify cold spots for certain subject areas and monitor student migration by subject area. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) metrics take into account 'local' students: students being taught at a provider close to where they're from.
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Field length8
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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Date modified2021-08-20
Change management notesAdditional guidance added to clarify the requirements around the return of delivery postcodes.

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