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Student Alternative 2020/21 - Financial support type

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Student Alternative 2020/21

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Financial support type

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valid entries
Short nameFINTYPE

This field records the type of financial support being reported

Applicable toEngland

All FinancialSupport entities.

Valid entries and labels
02Near cash
03Accommodation discounts

Examples of support in each category include:

01 Cash

Any bursary/scholarship/award that is paid to the student, where there is no restriction on the use of the award. This will include BACS payments, cheques, cash awards and any means tested hardship funds that fall outside of the Office for Students Student Opportunity allocation.

Scholarships awarded as cash that might or might not be spent as a fee waiver. If awarded as a fee waiver i.e. the student has no choice as to how the money is spent, this should not be returned in this entity.

02 Near Cash

This constitutes any voucher schemes or prepaid cards awarded to students where there are defined outlets or services for which the voucher/card can be used. (E.g. Aspire cards.)

03 Accommodation discounts

Discounted accommodation in University Halls / Residences.

Cash or near cash that is explicitly to be used as an accommodation discount.

Discount for College fees at providers with a collegiate system.

04 Other

All in-kind or cash support that is not included in the above categories. Including, but not limited to:

  • Travel costs
  • Laboratory costs
  • Printer credits
  • Equipment paid for e.g. laptops, course literature (other than loans of equipment)
  • Subsidised field trips
  • Subsidised meal costs

If the provider settles a bill on behalf of the student, there is no opportunity for those funds to be used elsewhere therefore the support should be reported as 04 'Other'.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required To allow the Office for Students and providers to analyse the effectiveness of the support provided through access and participation plans in relation to student outcomes. To allow the OfS and providers to understand which level and type of support is most effective.
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: FINTYPE
OwnerOffice for Students
Date modified2020-07-30
Change management notesNew field created in order to monitor the support provided to students as part of Access and Participation plans to allow the OfS and providers to determine what levels of support, provided to different student groups, may be most effective in improving student outcomes and under what circumstance.

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