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Student Alternative 2020/21 - Fundability code

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Student Alternative 2020/21

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Fundability code

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valid entries
Short nameFUNDCODE

This field indicates whether the student is counted as 'fundable', ie. 'eligible for funding' for the course by the appropriate funding council/body.

Applicable toEngland

All instances at approved (fee-cap) providers.

Valid entries and labels
1Fundable by funding council/body
2Not fundable by funding council/body
5Funded by the Department of Health (providers in England only)
7Eligible for funding by DfE

This field must be coded at the individual student instance level.

Fundable means eligible for funding by the appropriate funding council/body, as defined by that council/body.

This field should be consistent with the year's early student statistics returns to the funding councils.

It is not expected that codes 5 or 7 will be returned; please contact Liaison if you believe you have a requirement to use these codes.

For providers fundable by Office for Students and Research England

Students spending more than half of the active study time for the whole instance is spent outside the UK (including through distance learning) should not be coded 1, unless any of the following apply:

  1. There is a clear academic reason for studying abroad rather than in the UK. Even where such a reason exists, Office for Students and Research England must specifically sanction the course as eligible.
  2. The student is temporarily and unavoidably abroad and remains liable to UK tax on their earnings, or is a dependant of such a person. This includes members of HM Forces and their dependants.
  3. The student is receiving UK student support from the Student Loans Company for the year.

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students

In determining whether to code students on higher apprenticeships as code 1 providers should refer to the Office for Students and Research England funding rules rather than the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) funding rules. Students who do not meet the Office for Students and Research England funding rules should be coded 2,5, or 7 as appropriate.

Postgraduate research students

All fundable postgraduate research students should be returned as FUNDCODE = 1. Fundable postgraduate research students are Home and EC students eligible to pay home fees and registered at the reporting provider for a research-based higher degree and should be actively supervised by an academic member of staff employed by a higher education provider in England (Approved (Fee Cap) providers).

Students meeting the above criteria should be recorded as FUNDCODE = 1 despite being recorded as non-fundable on the HESES return. This is to allow identification by Research England for funding and planning purposes.

Postgraduate writing up students

For postgraduate students who are writing up, the FUNDCODE status should be maintained the same as in previous years when they were actively studying. If the student was fundable before they went to writing up then they should be returned as such and if they were non-fundable this would be returned.

For providers fundable by the DfE

Students should be returned as FUNDCODE = 7 where they are able to access student support i.e. assessed as 'home or EU status' for the purpose of assessing tuition fee status or are home or overseas/international School Direct Salaried trainees on an allocated place and employed in a state maintained school in a priority subject.

Students should be returned as FUNDCODE = 2 where they are assessed as 'overseas or international' for the purpose of assessing tuition fees status, or are School Direct Salaried Trainees (home or overseas) on a non-allocated place or undertaking a lower priority, (non-DfE-funded) subject and/or employed at a Private School.


A non-EU overseas student is an example of a particular student who is not eligible for funding, even if the course that they are following has funding for student places.

Please refer any queries about whether or not students on a particular course or students of a particular type are eligible for funding to the appropriate funding council/body rather than to HESA.

Quality rules
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Reason required To determine funding eligibility for individual students based on their personal and course characteristics. Used in particular to assess accuracy of early returns (Early Statistics) and inform eligibility for funding allocations and analyses.
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Date modified2021-05-26
Change management notesGuidance within the 'Postgraduate research students' section under 'For providers fundable by Office for Students and Research England' has been updated to reflect the changes due to Brexit.

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