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Staff 2023/24 - HESA cost centre

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Staff 2023/24

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HESA cost centre

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valid entries
Short nameCCENTRE

This field identifies the HESA cost centre to which the contract is assigned

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All contract activity records

Valid entries and labels
101Clinical medicine
102Clinical dentistry
103Nursing & allied health professions
104Psychology & behavioural sciences
105Health & community studies
106Anatomy & physiology
107Pharmacy & pharmacology
108Sports science & leisure studies
109Veterinary science
110Agriculture, forestry & food science
111Earth, marine & environmental sciences
115General engineering
116Chemical engineering
117Mineral, metallurgy & materials engineering
118Civil engineering
119Electrical, electronic & computer engineering
120Mechanical, aero & production engineering
121IT, systems sciences & computer software engineering
123Architecture, built environment & planning
124Geography & environmental studies
125Area studies
127Anthropology & development studies
128Politics & international studies
129Economics & econometrics
131Social work & social policy
133Business & management studies
134Catering & hospitality management
136Continuing education
137Modern languages
138English language & literature
142Theology & religious studies
143Art & design
144Music, dance, drama & performing arts
145Media studies
201Total academic services
202Central administration & services
204Staff & student facilities
206Residences & catering

Each contract must have at least one activity, an associated HESA cost centre and a proportion (Activity.ACTSOC2020, Activity.CCENTRE and Activity.CCPROP). The activity associated with a contract defines the role of the staff member and the HESA cost centre indicates where that activity takes place within the higher education provider (HEP). Further information on Coding activities and HESA cost centres is available under the 'Further guidance' section of the manual.

It is possible that two of the HESA cost centre fields have the same value if staff are undertaking more than one activity as part of the contract, but both in the same HESA cost centre.

It is possible for staff on academic contracts to be assigned to Professional Services HESA cost centres (201 to 206) and vice-versa. HESA cost centre 202 should be used for academic staff on contracts which are not assignable to departmental academic HESA cost centres.

HESA cost centre 201

This includes centralised academic services such as libraries, learning resource centres and central computer rooms which are not operated by or specific to academic departments. This HESA cost centre may also include museums, galleries and observatories which are not run by specific academic departments but are used for academic purposes.

HESA cost centres 202 and 204

This includes central administration, general educational and staff and student facilities and amenities.

HESA cost centre 202 includes central administrative staff and Heads of HEPs, Professors, Deans, Tutors, Faculty Officers and the like in respect of central (as distinct from departmental) administrative work. This category also includes the running of an administrative computer and the following other functions if not attributed to their relevant HESA cost centre; public relations, advertising and recruitment, publications (excluding educational publications), advisors, organisation and methods unit, security of wages, legal and audit, general insurance not included elsewhere and telephony where centrally managed.

HESA cost centre 204 includes the provision of facilities and amenities for the use of students and/or staff e.g. Careers Advisory Service, student societies, wardens of halls of residence, accommodation office, athletic and sporting facilities (excluding maintenance) and the HEP's health service.

HESA cost centre 205

This includes all maintenance of premises (including academic buildings, central academic services, art centres, HEP's health service premises, pavilions, sports buildings, etc) and on roads and grounds except residences and catering. Staff concerned with building maintenance, including estates administrative staff, are included in this category.

HESA cost centre 206

This includes providing the residence, catering and any conference operations, including the maintenance of residential and catering premises.

Further information about HESA cost centres can be found in the HESA circular.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
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Field length3
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: CCENTRE

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