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Table 7 - Income analysed by source 2015/16 to 2022/23

HE Provider Data: Finance

Table 7 - Income analysed by source

Academic years 2015/16 to 2022/23


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Data in Table 7 is represented by data returned in the corresponding academic year's collection where available. For this reason, the figures may not always match the corresponding totals in Table 1, as Table 1 shows prior year data as restated in the audited financial statements.

Funding body grants for English providers for 2018/19 onwards is replicated in Table 7C.

Regarding the UK and EU Sources under the Other income option in Table 7. For 2017/18 and onwards, the columns “BEIS Research Councils, UK central government/local authorities, health and hospital authorities, EU government bodies” and “EU sources (excluding EU government bodies)” apply to providers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland only. The columns “UK public sources” and “EU sources” apply to providers in England only.

From 2018/19, some fields under the research grants and contracts option in Table 7 are sourced from Table 5 for English providers. Some English providers were not required to complete Table 5, and therefore will show totals without a breakdown of detailed income sources.

Type of data

Administrative data

Data source

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) is part of Jisc. We are the experts in UK higher education data and analysis. We have been collecting higher education information since the 1994/95 academic year.

Finance data is taken from the HESA Finance record, which universities, colleges and other higher education providers return to HESA on an annual basis. The Finance record collects a range of information about the primary financial statements from HE providers' published accounts.

From 2018/19, data for English HE providers (excluding further education colleges and sixth form colleges under the primary regulation of the Education and Skills Funding Agency) was collected by the Office for Students.

We provide data and analysis on finances of HE providers to a wide variety of customers, including:

  • Governments
  • Universities (via the Heidi Plus analytics tool)
  • Academic and commercial researchers
  • Students and potential students
  • Trade unions and employers' associations
  • Policy makers.

Our data is used to regulate the sector, inform policy making, advance understanding of social and economic trends, support decision making, and enhance public understanding of - and confidence in - the higher education sector.

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Our HE Provider Data: Finance data pages collect together all of the tables we publish on finances in higher education.

Further information

This table displays a brief summary of the Providers’ total income analysed by types of income streams as set out in the FEHE SORP.

The radio buttons can be used to access further details for each of the income streams. These are funding body grants, research grants and contracts, other income and donations and endowments. Tuition fees are displayed separately in detail in Tuition fees and education contracts by domicile, mode, level and source of funding.

View Table 7 - Income analysed by source

During the data collection process the totals from the detailed table tuition fees and education grants are populated into this table.

SFC, HEFCW, DfE(NI) and the OfS have differing requirements in respect of funding body grants breakdown. These country specific breakdowns can be seen in the funding body grants open data table. The varying data requirement of funding councils can be seen in this table by using radio buttons for each country.

Other income shown in table 7 includes other services rendered, residences and catering operations, and any other income including capital and revenue grants not displayed elsewhere. Other services rendered relates to enterprise and consultancy work carried out by providers that are not classed as research.

Investment income includes interest receivable and income on endowments. It also includes the net credit value of return on pension scheme assets/liabilities.

During the collection process the totals in each section populate the Income heads in the CSCI.

Data displayed in this table is for the current year with no restated data for prior years available.

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