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HE Graduate Outcomes Data

Results of the first Graduate Outcomes survey of 2017/18 graduates will be published in June 2020.

National level statistics will be published in a Statistical Bulletin on 18 June. More detailed open data will be published on this page on 23 June.

About the Graduate Outcomes data

Methodology statement part one

History and background

This document contains the history and background to the development of the survey. It outlines the process HESA went through to review the need for a replacement to previous iterations, how we engaged with the sector on its design and the intended governance structure.

Download the Methodology statement part one

Methodology statement part two

Survey design and implementation

This online statement details the most important aspects of survey design, data collection, analysis and dissemination. It is aimed at the users of the survey data as well as those with an interest in methodology. This part will be a ‘live’ record of the methodology.

View the Methodology statement part two

The Ultimate Guide to Graduate Outcomes


In this piece, Neha Agarwal, HESA’s Head of Research and Insight, introduces the methodology statements and highlights one of the main areas of sector interest which is detailed inside it – our approach to survey weighting.

Read 'The Ultimate Guide to Graduate Outcomes'

Why Graduate Outcomes statistics are experimental


Rebecca Mantle's blog explains why 2017/18 Graduate Outcomes statistics are labelled as 'Experimental':

Read 'Why Graduate Outcomes statistics are experimental'

How to publish Graduate Outcomes data?


Dan Cook, HESA’s Head of Policy & Development, describes how HESA consulted on the publication of Graduate Outcomes data, and the changes we made in response to feedback from stakeholders.

Read 'How to publish Graduate Outcomes data?'

Statistical Releases FAQ


Questions and answers about the structure and contents of Graduate Outcomes statistical releases.

View the Graduate Outcomes statistical releases FAQ

New HESA research asks ‘should we weight’?

Research paper

Detailed research behind the decision not to apply weighting to data and statistics from the 2017/18 Graduate Outcomes survey.

Read about the weighting research

Dissemination policy

This policy will provide a high-level description of the range of statistical outputs as well as outlining the key aspects HESA of policy and practice in publishing and disseminating Graduate Outcomes survey data.

This policy will be published shortly.

Graduate Outcomes website

The survey website explains what survey is about, its scale, and its importance:


Older data - Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE)

Note: The Graduate Outcomes survey is very different from the previous DLHE survey. Results of the two surveys are not comparable with each other.

Summary results of the 2016/17 DLHE survey:

Higher Education Leavers Statistics: UK, 2016/17
Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education 2016/17 - Introduction
Employment of leavers: UK Performance Indicators 2016/17

DLHE survey results for alternative providers:

Higher Education Leavers Statistics: Alternative providers, 2016/17
Experimental Statistics: UK Performance Indicators 2016/17

Longitudinal survey of 2012/13 graduates 3.5 years after graduation:

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Longitudinal survey.

Older statistics:

Statistical first releases
Detailed publications