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Experts in UK higher education data and analysis

We collect and publish detailed information about the UK higher education sector.

  • 128 questions, 204 responses: Towards a brand #NewDLHE

    Rachel Hewitt

    Rachel Hewitt

    Data Policy & Governance Analyst

    Today marks the next key stage in the destinations and outcomes review. We have published the synthesis of consultation responses as well as the reports of two research projects, commissioned by HEFCE to support the review.

  • Measuring graduate outcomes - consultation responses

    Press Officer

    Responses to the consultation support the idea of a universal graduate survey, but with changes to content and timing. Initial analysis of the 208 responses will be used to develop firm proposals which will be put out for further consultation.

  • Collection Design Project: Design Phase v1

    Alex Leigh

    Alex Leigh


    The Collection Design Project: feedback from the workshops and v1 of the design phase

  • Reforming higher education in Albania

    Paul Clark

    Paul Clark

    Chief Executive

    HESA’s expertise in data and analysis is recognised around the world. Last week our Chief Executive Paul Clark spent three days in Albania discussing reform of their higher education sector and advising the government on implementing a new data-driven system.