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Data innovation

We aim to transform the higher education data landscape. Our data also shapes policy and decision making in the sector and beyond.

College HE

Our plan to ingest and process HE-in-FE data.

HE-BCI major review

A major review of the Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction collection (HE-BCI).


We review our data streams to ensure that we collect and publish the right information at the right time.

Data Futures

The Data Futures programme is transforming the data collection process in higher education. Our vision is for a modernised and more efficient approach to collecting HE data.

Graduate Outcomes

Our new Graduate Outcomes collection will enhance the information we collect about the activities and perspectives of graduates.

The HE Classification of Subjects (HECoS)

We manage the HE Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which has been developed as a replacement for the Joint Academic Coding System (JACS) and can be used by a broad range of HE-related bodies.