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HE Provider Data: Finance – Open data release 2020/21

Total income for UK HE providers in 2020/21 was £44.0 billion with expenditure of £42.4 billion.

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Of the 274 HE providers included in the 2020/21 data, 195 reported a surplus for the year and 79 reported a deficit.

Tuition fees and education contracts accounted for 53% of HE providers’ income in 2020/21. Research grants and contracts made up 15% of the sector’s income with funding body grants accounting for 14%. 56% of expenditure was on staff costs, with 2% on interest and other finance costs.

As well as income and expenditure, today’s release includes balance sheet information showing current assets of £26.1 billion for HE providers in 2020/21, and capital expenditure data showing a total spend of £4.2 billion. Further tables show providers’ sources of income, categories of expenditure, cash flow, and senior staff pay.

Today’s release is accompanied by a new User guide that explains what is shown in each table to help users interpret the data.


  • Twelve providers’ finance data was not finalised by the cut-off date for publication and are not yet included in the 2020/21 finance open data. Data for these providers will be included in a future update to this release:
    • Assemblies of God Incorporated,
    • HULT International Business School Ltd (31/07/2021 year end),
    • Inchbald School of Design,
    • London School of Commerce & IT Limited,
    • Nazarene Theological College,
    • Paris Dauphine International,
    • Richmond, the American International University in London, Inc.,
    • Royal Academy of Dance,
    • Spurgeon's College,
    • University Academy 92 Limited,
    • University of Buckingham,
    • Waltham International College Limited.
  • Different HE providers use different financial year-end dates. The 2020/21 data includes providers with year end dates of 31 August 2020 to 31 July 2021.
  • See Definitions: Finances for full definitions of terms used in the release and explanation of the coverage of statistics.
  • To fully analyse the finances of an individual HE provider please refer to that provider’s own published financial statements.
  • See Upcoming data releases for a schedule of Official Statistics releases from HESA.
  • HESA cannot accept responsibility for any inferences or conclusions derived from the data by third parties.
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