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  • Academic atypical staff (2012/13)

    In 2012/13, the University of Ulster did not return any academic atypical staff in error.  For 2013/14 they have returned 815 academic atypical staff.  They have confirmed that this figure should have been similar in 2012/13.

    Staff Contract level Atypical staff Staff student ratio
  • Academic atypical staff (2013/14)

    In 2013/14, Kingston University reviewed how they classified their hourly paid lecturers and external examiners from non-atypical to atypical. This increased the numbers of academic atypical staff from 0 in 2012/13 to 1105 (130 FTE) in 2013/14.

    In 2013/14, St George's Hospital Medical School improved their data capture for academic atypical staff contracts, increasing the numbers in this category from 10 in 2012/13 to 375 in 2013/14. In previous years they have not collected data from these staff.

    In 2013/14, Birkbeck College under-reported their academic atypical staff by approximately 200 due to data capture issues.

    In 2013/14, The University of Leeds reviewed how they employed demonstrating and tutorial assistants, and part-time student teachers. This increased the numbers of academic atypical staff from 400 in 2012/13 to 1050 in 2013/14.

    In 2012/13, The University of Ulster did not return any academic atypical staff in error.  For 2013/14 they have returned 815 academic atypical staff.  They have confirmed that this figure should have been similar in 2012/13.

    In 2013/14, Heriot-Watt University under-reported the number of academic atypical staff by 220 (32.9 FTE).

    During 2013/14, the University of Leicester undertook a major review of its atypical workforce, which resulted in a large number of changes to the way in which atypical contracts were issued.  This resulted in a number of year-on-year changes, including a reduction of 280 staff in their professional occupations SOC group.  In many cases, staff were moved to non-atypical working arrangements.

    In 2013/14, Loughborough University revisited how it coded their atypical staff's SOC groupings resulting in an increase in the Professional occupations category from 215 in 2012/13 to 465 in 2013/14.

    In 2013/14, The School of Oriental and African Studies over-reported their atypical staff by approximately 400.

    In 2013/14, Coventry University increased the number of academic atypical staff from 610 in 2012/13 to 1080 in 2013/14. This was due to a genuine increase in the use of atypical staff within the provider.

    Staff Contract level Atypical staff Staff student ratio
  • Academic atypical staff (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, Newcastle University reported a 90% reduction in the total number of academic atypical staff. This was due to a large number of leavers in this cohort, as well as data cleansing exercise which removed staff incorrectly defined as on an academic atypical contract.

    Staff Atypical staff Academic staff
  • Academic atypical staff (2019/20)

    In 2019/20, University of Plymouth reported a 49% drop in the total number of academic atypical staff. This was because the University has recently undertaken some work on de-casualisation which has reduced atypical numbers, moving these staff to a permanent or fixed term contract. This has also led to a noticeable rise in academic part-time contracts.

  • Academic atypical staff (2019/20)

    In 2019/20, University of Greenwich reported an 85% increase in the total number of academic atypical staff. This was following a review of their mappings to some HESA fields including the Terms field which meant a code of atypical was more suitable for many of their HPL (hourly paid lecturer) contracts. Most staff that were previously classed as being on a fixed term contract were re-classified as atypical. A small number of those on a permanent/open ended contract were also re-classified as atypical.

    Staff Atypical staff
  • Academic atypical staff (2019/20)

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2019/20 University of Bradford employed fewer academic atypical staff. This led to a 52% drop in the number of academic atypical staff at the provider this year.

    Staff Atypical staff
  • Academic department depreciation - Table 8 (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The School of Oriental and African Studies incorrectly reported the allocation of academic department depreciation to individual academic departments within the Finance record Table 8. Academic department depreciation is less than 1% of total academic department expenditure.

    With the exception of 145 Media Studies, the effect on each academic department is not material. 

    The revised figures for 145 Media Studies are: Depreciation: £3k, Total: £381k.

  • Academic staff (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The University of Bolton under-reported the number of academic staff by approximately 30 members of staff, recognised as Higher Education Academy (HEA) fellows. Of these members of staff, approximately 20 were reported as holding Academic Teaching Qualifications.

    Staff Academic staff
  • Academic staff (2019/20, 2020/21)

    The staff at University Centre Peterborough are formally employed by Peterborough Regional College. From 2019/20, no academic staff were returned by University Centre Peterborough.

  • Academic staff inflow (2016/17)

    The University College of Osteopathy was added as a new provider in 2016/17, previously this provider was reported by University of Bedfordshire affecting inflow figures for academic staff. Inflow and academic starter information has been set to 'Not applicable' for this provider.

    Staff Academic staff Inflow-outflow
  • Academic studies in education - part-time postgraduate numbers

    University College Plymouth St Mark and St John, part-time, postgraduate taught students studying X3 Academic studies in education has reduced from 1,528 in 2010/11 to 317 in 2011/12. This was due to a genuine reduction in the number of students on INSET programmes in 2011/12.

    Student Level of study Subject of study Mode of study
  • Academic/non-academic staff (2014/15)

    The National Film and Television School (NFTS) became an HE provider in 2014/15 moving from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport into the HE sector.  As the school had not been part of the HE sector they have not followed the standard of issuing academic contracts to their teaching/research staff.  As such both teaching/research and non-academic staff are included in the non-academic category for 2014/15.

    Staff Academic staff Non-academic staff
  • Aggregate offshore student numbers (2021/22)

    In 2019/20, The Open University underreported the number of their students studying overseas for an award of the reporting provider (TYPE = 4). There were 830 students underreported overall, of which 55 correspond to postgraduate level, and 775 to undergraduate. The Open University has corrected this in the 2021/22 return, which is reflected in an increase of their Type 4 students. 2020/21 data will be corrected via a fixed database submission and updated in due course. 

    Aggregate offshore
  • All provider-level data (2011/12)

    The University of Glamorgan merged with the University of Wales, Newport on the 11th April 2013 to become the University of South Wales. However the data for the 2011/12 academic session relates to the two former universities. The University of South Wales therefore request that when published it refers to the former providers and not merged into a single entity under the USW name.

    Student Staff
  • Alternative Provider notes (2015/16 publication)

    ◊ 63 Alternative Providers (APs) submitted data to HESA through the AP Student Record in 2014/15. Of these, three providers did not provide data in 2015/16, one provider's students were wholly franchised in 2014/15 and two providers merged, therefore 58 of the APs who submitted in 2014/15 are covered in the widening participation and non-continuation UK Performance Indicators Experimental Statistics, see Providers mergers and changes document for details. Data submitted by APs to HESA in 2014/15 include students registered at alternative providers in England with specific course designation, see AP coverage document for details:

    • 10019746 ABI College Limited
    • 10000248 Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
    • 10000080 Access to Music Limited
    • 10000381 Arts Educational School
    • 10037544 BIMM Limited*
    • 10031982 BPP University
    • 10028216 Brit College
    • 10001386 Chicken Shed Theatre Company
    • 10018361 City of London College
    • 10002113 East End Computing and Business College Limited
    • 10022047 Empire College London Limited
    • 10008229 EThames Graduate School Limited
    • 10033187 Fairfield School of Business Ltd
    • 10038763 ForMission Ltd
    • 10022087 Futureworks*
    • 10002735 Grafton College
    • 10007937 GSM London
    • 10003239 ICON College of Technology and Management
    • 10035638 Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
    • 10003566 Kensington College of Business
    • 10013109 London Bridge Business Academy
    • 10004006 London Centre of Contemporary Music
    • 10030391 London Churchill College Ltd
    • 10032594 London School of Academics Ltd
    • 10004060 London School of Business and Finance (UK) Limited
    • 10004061 London School of Business and Management
    • 10022285 London School of Management Education
    • 10008362 London School of Science and Technology Limited
    • 10004075 London School of Theology
    • 10004079 London Studio Centre
    • 10020416 Mattersey Hall
    • 10045476 Met Film School Limited
    • 10023777 Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences
    • 10023454 Moorlands College
    • 10004450 Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
    • 10004538 Nazarene Theological College
    • 10030129 Nelson College London Ltd
    • 10008397 Norland College
    • 10004740 Northern College of Acupuncture
    • 10042570 Pearson College
    • 10008455 Regent College
    • 10021100 Regents Theological College
    • 10003331 Regent's University London
    • 10005470 Richmond, The American International University in London
    • 10005544 Royal Academy of Dance
    • 10007839 SAE Education Limited
    • 10005916 Slough Borough Council
    • 10030776 St Mellitus College
    • 10006243 St Patrick's International College*
    • 10022944 Stratford College London Limited
    • 10013357 The Academy of Contemporary Music
    • 10010213 The City College
    • 10001546 The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
    • 10015506 The London College UCK
    • 10008289 The London Institute of Banking and Finance
    • 10039956 The University of Law
    • 10037822 Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
    • 10022021 UK College of Business and Computing
    • 10023290 West London College of Business and Management Sciences Limited

    *Due to late designation, St Patrick's International College did not have many students who satisfied the entrant criteria in 2014/15.
    *The students at Futureworks were wholly franchised in 2014/15, so do not have entrants in 2014/15.
    *Brighton Institute of Modern Music merged with Tech Music Schools and resulted in the name change BIMM Limited.

    ◊◊ The following 38 APs started returning data to HESA from 2015/16 and are included within the widening participation UK Performance Experimental statistics, but do not have sufficient data to be included within the non-continuation indicators.

    • 10008071 AA School of Architecture
    • 10000216 All Nations Christian College
    • 10041898 Apex College London
    • 10005451 Arden University
    • 10000894 Bristol Baptist College
    • 10010308 Cambridge Arts and Sciences Limited
    • 10001419 Christie's Education Limited
    • 10039082 City and Guilds of London Art School
    • 10007912 Cliff College
    • 10034324 Court Theatre Training Company Ltd
    • 10023445 ICOM
    • 10009527 Istituto Marangoni Limited
    • 10021682 Kaplan Open Learning
    • 10008325 KLC School of Design
    • 10009285 Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts
    • 10041974 London College of Business Sciences
    • 10009612 Luther King House Educational Trust
    • 10023453 Matrix College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ltd
    • 10004365 Millennium Performing Arts Ltd
    • 10048199 New College of the Humanities
    • 10023130 Nova College of Accounting and Business Ltd
    • 10010227 Oak Hill College
    • 10004879 Open College of the Arts
    • 10020439 Oxford Business College
    • 10019178 Point Blank Music College
    • 10006093 Spurgeon's College
    • 10045289 St Nicholas Montessori Training Limited
    • 10032072 The Cambridge Theological Federation
    • 10029682 The Islamic College
    • 10023452 The Markfield Institute of Higher Education
    • 10004320 The Metanoia Institute
    • 10032282 The Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education
    • 10021256 The Salvation Army
    • 10053279 The Sherwood Institute
    • 10023464 Trinity College Bristol
    • 10008173 University College of Estate Management
    • 10007361 Waverley Abbey College
    • 10032288 West Dean College
    Performance Indicators Alternative Providers Experimental Statistics
  • Architecture - first degree and other undergraduate (2011/12)

    Due to a coding error, 192 students (183.5 FTE) were incorrectly recorded with a course aim that maps to ‘other undergraduate’ rather than ‘first degree undergraduates’ in Architecture (K1) by the University of Dundee in the 2011/12 Student return. This will affect overall totals for the institution as well as subject analysis that includes Architecture.

    Student Level of study Mode of study
  • Arts and Journalism subject coding (2011/12)

    The University for the Creative Arts has made some data improvements in their subject coding. This has resulted in re-allocation of courses to subject codes specifically showing an increase in student numbers for the university in codes P5, W2, W6, W7 and a decrease in W9.

    Student Subject of study
  • Atypical staff (2013/14)

    In 2013/14, The School of Oriental and African Studies over-reported their atypical staff by approximately 400.

    Staff Atypical staff
  • Atypical staff FTE (2014/15)

    In 2014/15 The University of Southampton over-reported their atypical staff FTE by approximately 30 and fixed term teaching staff FTE by approximately 10.

    Staff Atypical staff Full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • Balance sheet and cash flow

    As a department of the City of London, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama does not have its own balance sheet or cash flow. This provider therefore does not appear in Tables 3 and 4 of the open data. Similarly, within Table 14 Key Financial Indicators, this provider does not have indicators that are derived from Tables 3 and 4.