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Provider changes and mergers

This page provides information about changes those providers submitting data to HESA collections have undergone between the 1994/95 academic year and the present, providing details of name changes, mergers / partial mergers / de-mergers and providers being added or removed as a ‘current’ provider submitting to HESA collections.

This information is presented in three separate tables - Changes, Mergers / De-merges and Additions / Removals. The information for the most recent academic year is shown at the top of the page. Information for previous academic years is available in the archive section.

Information is also published for download in CSV files containing all data (since 1994/95) for each table. These files follow the same structure as the tables with the addition of an extra column indicating the academic year of merger / de-merger, name change or addition / removal.


Merger: A provider that has merged into another provider and as a result has ceased to exist as a separate entity is referred to as a merger in the table below.

Partial merger: A provider that has merged some of its faculties or courses into another provider but continues to exist as a separate entity is referred to as a partial merger in the table below.

Demerger: A provider that has split some of its faculties or courses into a new provider is referred to as a demerger in the table below. Note that the term demerger is not intended to infer that the resulting new provider had previously once existed and had in the past been merged into the provider from which it is now split.

Removals: Any provider that has stopped submitting to HESA is identified as removed in the table below.

Provider Changes and Mergers Current Year




Downloadable Files

Please note all CSV files are sorted by date unless stated otherwise as an alternative output.





Provider Changes and Mergers Previous Years

Use this search to display provider additions, removals, mergers / demergers and name changes for previous years.