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Minerva user guide

Minerva is our online database containing information and queries relating your data submissions to us.

Access Minerva

You will need to use Minerva to add information and to respond to data quality queries that we raise. Record contacts will be notified by email when queries have been logged in Minerva. You can then log in to Minerva to view and respond to our queries.

Before we set a data return to credible, you must have responded to any outstanding data quality queries concerning the data submitted.

We also use Minerva to record contextual information relating to collections. New contextual intelligence queries will be available for you to enter any relevant information when the collection has closed. Our Information Services team will review your entries, which can then accompany onward analysis and use of our data. We will ask you to approve these caveats prior to publication; once approved they will appear on our data intelligence page.

This user guide includes information about: