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Help, guidance and tools

For help and guidance with HESA data collections contact Liaison by email or call +44 (0)1242 388 531.

Technical guidance for submitting data to us can be found in the relevant coding manual. Tips on the submission process can be found in Data submission best practice.

Data collection tools and user guides

Identity system (IDS) user guide

Issue Management System (IMS) user Guide

New: Online validation tool guide: for Student - Data Futures 2022/23 collection onwards and 2023 interim submission

Validation kits: used to test your data locally before submitting to us.

Quality rules FAQ: commonly asked questions about the quality rules triggered in the data submission and QA process.

XML data entry tool: used to produce XML data in the correct format. This tool is available for some of our streams; where it is available, it can be downloaded from the relevant coding manual.

XML amalgamator tool (Amal tool): used to amalgamate multiple xml files.

Guidance and support with using XML files

General help and guidance

Meet the liaison team

Importing *.csv formatted data into Excel.

Using our Pivot Tables

Using electronic signatures

Using eduroam

Data capability

The data capability toolkit is designed to help providers understand and improve standards of data management and governance.

Unistats dataset

Download the raw dataset which underlies the Discover Uni website.