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Viewing and responding to data quality queries

If you are a Record Contact for multiple data collection streams, you are able to select the different streams using the drop down menu on the right hand side.

Click on each query to expand the screen in order to view the full information related to this query. To assist in reviewing the queries / issues, any associated notes are listed in order with the most recent at the top.

Minerva screenshot 1

Understanding the Minerva icons

The issues are displayed in order of priority, with critical items listed first. The severity of an issue is denoted by the icon attributed to it:


Minerva icon


Minerva icon


Major - high priority

Minerva icon 2

Major - low priority

Minerva icon 3




Issues can also be ordered by the severity of the issue, the date on which they were raised, or the date the issue was last updated. You can set the order by selecting the appropriate 'sort by' option in the drop down menu.

Minerva screenshot 2

To respond to each query, you must provide text in the ‘Add note' box and also select one radio button indicating whether the query will be fixed, is genuine or is unable to be fixed.

Minerva screenshot 3

You should then submit the response to us by clicking the 'Submit response' box. See Submitting responses to us.

Sharing an issue with a colleague

Some data quality queries may need referring to a specific colleague/department within your provider. To pass a query to a colleague, click on the ’Sharing’ box and then select ‘Share this issue’. You can then enter their email address by selecting ‘Add more new users’. The query will then be emailed to your colleague.

Minerva screenshot 4

If you have been invited by a colleague to respond to a query in Minerva, you should log in using the details contained within the email. See also our Accessing Minerva page.

Share list

This feature allows you to compile a list of issues that can then be sent on to a colleague for investigation and response.  Once an issue has been added to the share list it will be logged in the 'Issues to share' screen. Once a list of issues has been compiled, the list can be shared with either an existing Minerva user or another colleague by inviting them to view and respond to these issues. Details of all issues that have been shared, with whom and when, can be viewed within the 'Shared issues log' screen accessible from the top navigational bar.

Minerva screenshot 5

Formatting responses

Within the 'Add note' box is a text formatting toolbar. This enables you to carry out basic text formatting and insert tables. 

Minerva screenshot 6

Trouble when pasting from Word?

Where you have prepared a response in Word, particularly where you have inserted a table, you should ensure that you transfer this information over to Minerva using the 'Paste from Word' icon. This practice will ensure the formatting of the response is retained. 

Increasing size of 'Add notes' box

The toggle full screen mode button within the format bar enables providers to view a full window sized response box. This mode is particularly useful when lengthy responses have been prepared for submission; however, exceptionally long answers may need to be posted as two messages.