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Submitting responses to us

Submitting responses to HESA

Selecting an appropriate radio button

When the response provided is complete, select the appropriate radio button and then click ‘Submit response'. This action will send your response to us for review.

Radio button


Unable to fix this year

Unable to amend/do not have the resources to fix for this year's data submission

Will fix by last submission

Planning to resubmit to amend this issue by the last submission deadline

Genuine data

The submitted data is a true representation of the  provider

I have a related question

Further information/clarification from HESA is required before answering the query

More than one of the above apply

The query contains multiple elements for which several options apply

Ready to be checked

The issue has now been corrected and the provider are ready for HESA to recheck the submission

With the exception of 'will fix by last submission', selecting a radio button and submitting a response removes the query from the list of outstanding issues. 

We will review responses to each query and determine whether or not the issue can be closed, or if further information is required. Where a query is closed by us, it will no longer appear on the ‘Outstanding issues' page. To view legacy issues that have been satisfactorily responded to, click on the ‘Issue report' link.

Minerva screenshot 7

Where you respond to state that the issue will be corrected by the last submission, the issue will remain visible in the outstanding issues list under a separate heading to serve as a reminder. Once the issue has been addressed and the amended file uploaded, you should reopen the query and select the 'ready to be checked' option to indicate to us that you are ready for this item to be reviewed.

Note that the Minerva DQ database content is shared by HESA with other users of the data to assist in their analysis and interpretation. Please be aware of this wider audience when responding to issues.

Mark as draft

The ‘Mark as draft' box can be ticked if the response is not yet ready to be submitted to us (See Add note diagram above). This facility can be used to allow internal review of responses before they are submitted to us.

Note that in order to save a draft response, the 'Submit response' box must be clicked.

Saved drafts can be amended and deleted by choosing the appropriate link within the draft note. Once you are happy with a draft, it can be submitted to us by selecting the 'Respond' link within the draft note.

Minerva screenshot 8