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Career progression of 2004/05 graduates

The HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions Longitudinal Survey Report is published today. The survey, undertaken by IFF Research, was based on a sample of leavers who gained HE qualifications in 2004/05. Responses were obtained from 41,395 leavers. The survey asked what they were doing three and a half years later on 24 November 2008.

The full report is available to download in PDF format from the HESA publications website.

Career progression of graduates

Analysis of data from the first ever HESA follow-up (Longitudinal) survey of leavers from higher education institutions reveals that, three years after they were first surveyed, the percentage of graduates in full-time paid employment had reached 74% (up from 57% when first surveyed). 6% of graduates were in part-time paid work only (7% when first surveyed).

The level of unemployment during the same period had dropped from 5% to 2%.

73.6% of full-time HE leavers enter employment

Of the 257,025 full-time leavers who completed HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, 73.6 per cent (72.7 per cent in 2002/03) had found employment. The number of leavers who were undertaking further study was 61,475 or 23.9 per cent (24.2 per cent in 2002/03). Of these, 22,535 were working whilst studying; this figure is included within the above employment figure. 15,250 or 5.9 per cent (6.2 per cent in 2002/03) were assumed to be unemployed.