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Staff record 2012/13

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Release notes

Version 1.12 Produced 2013-10-24

This is version 1.12 of the Staff record coding manual, which incorporates some changes since version 1.11.

Schema changes

Addition made on 2013-11-06

  • Person.PREVHEI valid entry 0195 'Royal Agricultural College' label change to 'Royal Agricultural University' to reflect the current name of that institution.

Business rule and validation kit changes

  • Business rules
    Amendments to existing rules:
    Contract.HEIJOINT.BusinessRules.2 downgraded from an error to a warning and the restriction requiring this field to be returned only for academic staff has been removed.
    Contract.RESCON.BusinessRule.2 and Contract.RESCON.BusinessRule.3 downgraded from an error to a warning.

Full details of all changes made to the manual since the release of version 1.11 may be found in the Revision history listed under documentation version 1.12.

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