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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Waste mass - D73WasteMass

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Estates Management record 2013/14

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Waste mass - D73

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Short nameWasteMass

The fields in this entity contain data about waste mass.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


The approximate annual mass of waste arising as a result of the HEP's activities. The Estates management record seeks to capture all waste arising at HEP level including construction waste produced by contractors. Do not include waste taken in by the HEP to be processed. Exclude waste attributable to the day to day operating of any commercial space.

HEPs, contracts and suppliers of management services should be able to provide mass equivalents.

To convert from volume data to mass equivalent, the following guide and high level factor are recommended:


  • volume (in m3) x factor = mass (tonnes),
  • volume (litres) / 1000 x factor = mass (tonnes),
  • volume (cubic feet) x 0.028 x factor = mass (tonnes).

Units should be tonnes (1000kg) waste.


The following documents will assist HEPs in converting volume data to mass equivalents:

'Pay by weight' or survey based estimates can be used to improve the accuracy of data.

The disposal methods categories remain the same for the non-residential and residential elements of the estate as well as other works to sum to a total waste mass figure:

  • recycled - the annual mass of waste (tonnes) sent for recycling,
  • incineration - the annual mass of incinerated waste (tonnes),
  • composting - the annual mass of waste (tonnes) that is composted (either onsite or offsite),
  • anaerobic digestion - the annual mass of waste (tonnes) that is sent for anaerobic digestion (either onsite or offsite),
  • landfill - the annual mass of waste (tonnes) sent to landfill,
  • energy - the annual mass of waste (tonnes) that is used to create energy e.g. used for Biomass boilers or CHP. Exclude waste that is incinerated with no energy recovery,
  • other - other methods of disposal offsite. This may include mechanical biological treatment and offsite autoclave.
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