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Student record 2015/16 - Table of Contents

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Student record 2015/16

Fields required from institutions in Wales

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Fields are displayed here by entity and sorted alphabetically by field name for ease of searching. The XSD ([RECID].xsd) defines the order in which elements must appear within submitted files. This is different to the order that they are presented within the coding manual.

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Institution :
RECID - Record type indicator
UKPRN - UK Provider Reference Number

Course :

Module :

Student :
BIRTHDTE - Date of birth
DISABLE - Disability
ETHNIC - Ethnicity
FNAMES - Forenames
GENDERID - Gender identity
HUSID - HESA unique student identifier
NATION - Nationality
NATIOND - National identity
ORCID - ORCID identifier
OWNSTU - Provider's own identifier for student
RELBLF - Religion or belief
SCN - Scottish Candidate Number
SEXID - Sex identifier
SEXORT - Sexual orientation
SNAME16 - Family name on 16th birthday
SSN - Student Support Number
SURNAME - Family name
TTACCOM - Term-time accommodation
TTPCODE - Term-time postcode
UCASPERID - UCAS Personal Identifier
ULN - Unique Learner Number
WELSSP - Welsh speaker indicator

Instance :
BRIDGE - Foundation degree to degree bridging course
CAMPID - Campus identifier
COLFROMDATE - Date a student has transferred from another collaborating provider
COLFROMPROV - Collaborating provider that a student has transferred from
COLTODATE - Date a student has transferred to another collaborating provider
COLTOPROV - Collaborating provider that a student has transferred to
COMDATE - Start date of instance
COURSEID - Course identifier
CSTAT - Completion status
DESTIN - Destination
DHREGREF - Regulatory body reference number
DISALL - Disabled Student Allowance
EMPFEES - Employer fees
EMPFUND - Employer funding
EMPROLE - Employer role
ENDDATE - End date of instance
EXCHANGE - Exchange programmes
FEEELIG - Fee eligibility
FEEREGIME - Fee regime indicator
FEEWAIVEAMT - Fee waiver amount
FEEWAIVETYPE - Fee waiver type
FESTUMK - FE student marker
FRANPART - Franchise partner
FUNDCODE - Fundability code
FUNDCOMP - Completion of year of instance
GLHRS - Guided learning hours
GROSSFEE - Gross fee
INITIATIVES - Initiatives
INSTCAMP - Provider's own campus identifier
INTERCALATE - Intercalation
ITTPHSC - ITT phase/scope
LOCSDY - Location of study
MODE - Mode of study
MSTUFEE - Major source of tuition fees
NETFEE - Net fee
NOTACT - Suspension of active studies
NOUNTACH - Number of units to achieve full qualification
NUMHUS - Student instance identifier
NUMHUSPREV - NUMHUS used by a previous provider where a student has transferred
NUMUNITS - Number of units completed
OWNINST - Provider's own instance identifier
PHDSUB - PhD submission date
PROGRESS - Good standing marker
RCSTDID - Research council student identifier
RCSTDNT - Research council student
REDUCEDI - Reduced instance return indicator
RSNEND - Reason for ending instance
SPECFEE - Special fee indicator
SPLENGTH - Expected length of study
STULOAD - Student instance FTE
TREFNO - Teacher Reference Number
TYPEYR - Type of instance year
UNITLGTH - Units of length
YEARLGTH - Length of current year of instance
YEARPRG - Year of course
YEARSTU - Year of student on this instance

Entry profile :

Mobility :

Qualifications awarded :

REF data :

Student on module :

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